ro/di reservoir salt mix tank

  1. Wagtribe

    Chemestry in my Salt mixing station

    I built my Mixing station in my garage next to RO/DI unit, consisting of 2- 55 gal,(Salt and Ro water) barrels. A work still in process. I have one central pump that pumps water from each barrel as needed via 1/2" pvc pipe up into my attic, across the rafters , inside the wall of my AC closet...
  2. shahprincea

    Slim trash as water Reservoir

    Hi Guys, I have a limited space 10 1/4 and i need to have a reservoir for mixing salt water and if I can parition I can also hold RO Water. I was thinking of buy Jum Slim Trash. However, the width is 11 inch. Can i trip the lip on either end ??? will it impact its capacity to hold 23 gallon...