1. Herides

    Trachyphillia Dying? Flesh turning brown and white and decaying?

    This is the current state of one side of my poor trachy. I got him about 2 weeks ago and on the day after successfully acclimating, inflated like a balloon, ever since though he's been pretty tight to his skeleton, and now it's gotten so bad I think I can see skeleton and I'm seeking help. I've...
  2. Trueruby

    Naso tang, Is it fin rotting? Need a help.

    Hi everybody, hope everybody’s tank doing well. I got a blonde naso tang from LFS yesterday. The fish was completely looking fine about fins. I checked him in my acclimating box in my DP. All was clear.. however, just a day after in the morning I saw left swimming fin has smth like rot...
  3. Bryn

    Duncan Coral Frag Disintergrating

    Good morning. A new frag to me of two days has disintegrated approximately 60% of its flesh. From the moment it arrived it did not open, and today I flushed out a rotting mess. I consider this to be part of the trade off of buying frags, but still disappointed that it is not doing well. BUT...
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