ruby red dragonet

  1. Cantusaurus

    Skinny Scooter Blenny

    I think I am driving myself crazy. I have this Ruby Red Scooter/Dragonet for 3 months. 32.5 gallon (long) tank. Lots of pods in there before adding him (live phyto in there too to help with pods). I also have Marine pure spheres (biomedia) for them to hide in and I am trying to grow a small...
  2. Cantusaurus

    My ruby red dragonet is a little skinny? Is this normal?

    Hi, so I have had my Ruby Red Dragonet for 3 months and it has always been eating and looks good, although it is a bit skinny. It is not deathly skinny or anything. I have not noticed any abnormal behavior from him either. I have a Fluval 32 gallon (long) tank. There are a lot of pods I have...
  3. Cantusaurus

    Will a Ruby Red and 'Regular' Red Dragonet pair up/be compatible?

    I am definitely going to get a pair of Scooter Blennys (preferably the ruby red ones) but I also like the regular red one as well. I was wondering if anyone knows if pairing a ruby red and red dragonet/scooter will work? I haven't seen anything online, but i'm pretty curious if anyone knows. I...
  4. taylorn13

    Brine Shrimp Hatchery for Dragonet

    Hey guys, I’m mooking into getting a ruby red dragonet from my lfs. I have a refugium all set up and running with tons of pods. I would eventually like to get him onto mysis, but was also wondering if brine would work? I’ve read that they can eat them, but how does the nutrition of the two foods...
  5. Sean Donohue

    Will 3 male ruby dragonets get along if they are the only 3 fish in my 30g frag tank?

    I have a 30 gallon frag tank, I have a healthy supply of brine shrimp and copepods , I breed them in my garage. I've successfully kept a Mandarin dragonet alive for two years now, first in my 50 gallon tank, and now it's doing well in my upgraded 100 gallon. Keeping pods has never been a problem...