1. G

    New York Live Goods SOLD ORA Gladiator Ocellaris Clownfish Mated Pair

    Due to some recent unforeseen circumstances I have to take my tank down for about 10 months. Plan on getting a much bigger tank so going to be selling some equipment and corals as well. I have only had these two clownfish in my tank and they were fully quarantined. They are a very happy and...
  2. O

    Battle Coral Sale

    Anyone planning on getting stuff during this sale? Im going to sleep now hope i don't miss it when i wake up..
  3. Pillahump

    California Live Goods UTERR CHAOS ZOA ~ 30 HEADS

  4. R

    Idaho Heaters Package Deal Drygoods IM Nuvo Pro 20 Gallon. All top end gear, like new, for sale!

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately I am in need of selling my reef tank. Work travel has unexpectedly increased. The tank and gear official commission date was 11/29/2022. Tank has settled nicely. I do an 8 gallon water change weekly / every other week. Tank is located in Boise, Idaho. Very easy...
  5. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's Back to School Sale!! **Over 2,000 Corals** HUGE DISCOUNTS!!

    The time has come to send the kiddos back to school! With all this peace in quiet in the house and more time to focus on your aquarium, why not scoop up some AMAZING new frags at AMAZING prices!! Join us on Monday the 14th for our Back to School sale. We will have over 2,000 frags dropping with...
  6. T

    North Carolina WTB Anyone have any frogspawn or octospawn for sale?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is selling or knows anyone any frogspawns or octospawns in the NC?
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    SPS SUPER SALE!! **This week up to 70% off all SPS corals**

    Head over to our site this week for our SPS Super Sale! Up to 70% off all SPS corals and throughout the week we will have random ULTRA discounted pieces so make sure you are checking the site regularly! The deals end Friday so don't delay! See the deals HERE Click on the image to watch a...
  8. Epic Aquaculture

    Live Goods SPONSOR Epic Aquacultures WYSIWYG Wednesday starts at 12:01AM tonight

    WYSIWYG Wednesday starts at 12:01AM tonight. This is the last WYSIWYG Wednesday before RAP California, so we are discounting a little more than usual - 20% off all WYSIWYG frags, 30% off 3-5 WYSIWYG frags, and 40% off 6 or more!!! Free shipping or local delivery in the Phoenix metro area on...
  9. U

    New York Live Goods Hammers for sale

    STANDARD DOA 2 Hours of delivery must send pics and short video of dead coral in bag. Hi everyone I’m selling some splatter hammers Had this colony for about a year and a half now I have a lot of heads . Selling for $65 a head I will also ship , please send your zip code so I can tell you...
  10. acro.jordan

    California Aquariums Drygoods Custom 100g Peninsula, G4 Radions, Reef Octo Skimmer, Ecotech pumps + more

    Sigh.. this isn’t an easy one and I am still on the fence as is. I have a beautiful custom low iron peninsula completely plumbed with sump and stand. The tank dimensions are 48x24x16 I also have the following equipment; - 2 radion G4 xr30 pros - Reef Octopus Regal 150int series skimmer -...
  11. H

    Looking to rehome fishes

    Hey everyone! I am located in Manhattan and looking to rehome my salt water fishes. They are all healthy with no issues; I just unfortunately do not have time for them anymore. I have a 2 tangs, 3 clownfish, 3 damsels, and one soft corral. Any takers? I am willing to bring them to you if you are...
  12. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods 3g Mummy Eye Chalice

    3g Mummy Eye chalice Jupiter Florida pickup only ( coral reef aquarium lps sps )
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's 4th of July Bash! **2,000 PLUS CORAL** HUGE DISCOUNTS!!!

    Join us this coming Monday for our 4th of July Bash! Huge discounts across all of our corals. We will be dropping over 2,000 pieces with plenty of $1, $5, $10 and Free frags!!! The fun starts at 11am Monday the 3rd.
  14. getwicky

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods 220 gallon waterbox plus equipment for sale, western suburbs Chicagoland

    220 gallon Waterbox tank, purchased 2-3 years ago. Includes listed items below currently supporting the tank. Shipping not available. Total package price is $3,000, pickup only. Here's what it includes: - Waterbox REEF 220.6 gallon aquarium (72" wide, 3/4" glass), sump tank (~37g), ATO Tank...
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    GET YOUR DAD SOMETHING HE WILL REALLY LOVE!! **TSA's Father's Day Sale Starts now!!!**

    This Fathers day don't get dad another boring tie or coffee mug! Get him that awesome show piece coral he's had his eye on! Starting now use the coupon codes below to get some additional savings on our already great pricing. Tons of amazing corals to choose from and it will be a gift that dad...
  16. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods TSA HOLY GRAIL TORCHES CHEAP

    Selling a few TSA HOLY GRAIL TORCHES. Double =$800 shipped Single=$450 shipped There is clear photos of the skeleton of each one and the double has fully split. I have been growing these for about two years. They grow fast and split often. I only ship using UPS now, shipping is available...
  17. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Fathers Day Weekend Update |Take UP to 20% OFF our Crazy good Prices!

    Check out the teasers we have for this Update!
  18. JennyH3

    Minnesota Live Goods Pink Square Anthias - Male

    Healthy large 4” pink square anthias. he eats all food - I feed a mix of different freeze dry, pellets & reef nutrition liquid foods. He loves their oyster eggs & beta brine. disease free tank I have had him for 2 months he has turned into a bully. Chases fish around. Last week I added a...
  19. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR POTO $40 or Less SPS Sale is LIVE now!

  20. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    UV Sumps Plumbing Drygoods 3" High Output Standard Pro-Max UV Sterilizer (25 Watts) - Lifegard

    yes I agree to terms and conditions I have a brand new never used 3" High Output Standard Pro-Max UV Sterilizer (25 Watts) - Lifegard it’s never been wet I have kept it in it’s original box since it arrived in the mail. It was purchased through saltwater I really wish I could...
  21. aquariumcarecenter


  22. RedCarpetReef

    Texas Live Goods SPONSOR WYSIWYG Memorial Day Sale- Torches buy 2 get one free or 20% off singles. - Will ship

    In honor of Memorial Day we are doing a buy 2 get one free (Up to $175 value) or 20% off sale on all of our Euphyllia! Standard DOA Policy Free shipping after $400. Happy reefing and enjoy your memorial day weekend! Combo deals are available along with custom Torch packs. Contact me via R2R...
  23. TopShelfAquatics

    These Gonis are onFIRE!!!

    We just added some of the NICEST Gonis we have ever fragged on to our site. Absolutely amazing coloration. Hurry these won't last long! SEE THEM HERE
  24. Singspot

    New Jersey Live Goods Bubblegum Digitata mother colony, Eclectus mushroom, Pink elephant ear mushroom, Orange ironman mushroom

    Selling bright hardy tank raised mother colony (out grown my tank) Local pickup only 12 inch by 10 inches by 8 inches colony. Adds instant color.. very easy to grow Can be easy fragged. Entire digitata colony for $300 4 inch digitata frags for $100 each I also have following- all bright...
  25. PV Reefs

    All livestock on SALE

    A bunch of new corals have been posted on the site, everything is currently 15% off. No coupon code required the discount is automatically applied at checkout.