Epic Aquaculture's Halloween Sale ends at midnight (Arizona Time) Tonight, and we have some special treats for you!

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Apr 23, 2017
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Happy Halloween! Today we've got some special treats for you. We'll be uploading frags throughout the day, but at 7PM EST the best treats will be shared! We'll be uploading our Final Fifty Frags of the sale. These are not ordinary frags. These are some of the nicest frags we have ever cut! They are all either high end, or super chunky, or in most cases both. Set your alarm, get your costume on, and come get some amazing Halloween treats from www.epicaquaculture.com Sale ends at midnight Arizona time tonight.
The Final Fifty Frags can be found here at 7pm EST: https://epicaquaculture.com/.../special-halloween-wysiwyg...

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween GIF by Entertainment Weekly

Mixing an (un)intentional concoction: Do you know what you are adding to your reef tank?

  • I am aware of every item that is added to my reef tank.

    Votes: 42 56.0%
  • I know most of the items that are added to my reef tank.

    Votes: 21 28.0%
  • I am somewhat aware of the items that are added to my reef tank.

    Votes: 5 6.7%
  • I follow the directions of others when adding items to my reef tank.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I randomly add items to my reef tank.

    Votes: 6 8.0%
  • Other.

    Votes: 1 1.3%