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Epic Aquaculture's Halloween Sale is Going on now through Midnight on Halloween!!!

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Epic Aquaculture

The artist formerly known as SawCJack00
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Apr 23, 2017
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Surprise, AZ
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Get ready for some spooky good deals! Our Halloween sale started Friday at 12pm EST and runs through the stroke of midnight on Halloween! We have hundreds of WYSIWYG frags available at up to 40% off! No tricks, just treats! www.epicaquaculture.com

Check out this Brad's Draw Jopper with the awesome swirling colors! Available here: https://epicaquaculture.com/product...those-swirls-4-h2?_pos=2&_sid=e88a61992&_ss=r

4 H2 Brads Draw Jopper Frag (1 of 1).jpg

4 H2 Brads Draw Jopper Frag closeup (1 of 1).jpg
Halloween Sale.jpg

Set it and forget it: Do you change your aquascape as your corals grow?

  • I regularly change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 14 9.3%
  • I occasionally change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 43 28.7%
  • I rarely change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 71 47.3%
  • I never change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 19 12.7%
  • Other.

    Votes: 3 2.0%