san diego

  1. Stpatrick

    California Live Goods Lots of Indo LPS/Torches for sale.

    I can ship or if local in San Diego you can pick them up my house. Standard DOA policy. Spend over 300 gets free overnight shipping. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not refund shipping costs. I am also not responsible for shipping issues but will do my...
  2. S

    Free Reef Tank in La Jolla

    I have a reef tank in my office in La Jolla that needs a new home, as I am closing up the office and do not have room for it in my condo. It’s about 125 gallons, plus the sump. Fully equipped and has been running successfully for 10 years in my office. Due to landlord requirements needs a...
  3. vikinglord13

    Pros and Cons of Reefing in San Diego County

    My thoughts are for local reefers to share their pros and cons of heing a reefer in SD County. Pro: Great mild weather, if you're west of the 15 this generally seems to be the case. Pro: lots of LFSes. I say this in comparison to my experience living in the panhandle of Florida, there were...
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