sc aquariums

  1. BonelessEvil

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Moving! Need to sell ASAP.

    AQUARIUMS (local pickup ONLY) –Red Sea 170 45 gal a) Display tank: small cleaning scratches noticeable when the tank is filled and lights overhead. A little buffing would fix. b) RS170 Sump, good condition c) Stand (structure in good condition, drill holes on the side from...
  2. JCSReefing

    Build Thread JCS Reefing 150 Gallon SC Aquariums Build Thread

    I am starting a new build and figured this time I would try and do it on here as well as my youtube channel, JCS Reefing. The tank I ordered is roughly 150g 72x22x22 15mm Euro braced Peninsula SC Aquariums tank. I went with this company simply because I currently run a tank by this company and...
  3. C.Rayven

    Build Thread Seahorse Build: 80 Gallon

    Well its finally time - I bought an 80 Gallon SC Aquariums tank for this build. ....But there's a little back story and it wont get there immediately. This tank build was in the works but it was a slow in the works until two weeks ago when my main display, a 225 reef, split a seam and started...
  4. Matthew Dambra

    What tank to upgrade to??

    Currently i have a 90g standard 48"long x 18"wide x 24" height I was running a mixed reef until my SPS were wiped out but thats a different story lol I am moving soon and want to start off fresh with a new tank and do a couple things differently Im going to do a much better cord management...
  5. FLSharkvictim

    Rimless SC-150 Upgrade inlc 20'' Synergy Ext Overflow box

    UPDATE: I WENT 1.5'' drains and it will be getting reduced down to 1'' after a min of 5 inches - about -4'' below the Sch 80 Unions. It's a-coming! Just waiting on my Custom sump and let the plumbing began!.. All Plumbing parts will be either red or grey!
  6. FLSharkvictim

    Finally my center show pcs has been completed

    AquaRocks build me a 32'' in length Center Show Pcs for my SC-150. It will hold most of my SPS frags and colonies up and down the branches. Also, there are 7 platforms on the pcs and over 25 frags holes throughout branches. Then I am building two bonsai Tree's with my Tonga Branch Live rock that...
  7. FLSharkvictim

    Update on my Custom SC-150

    I unwrapped the packaging on my tank stand and the canopy and let me tell you, Superb quality from Sc Aquariums. WOW... SOME PEOPLE WARNED ME ABOUT HOW THERE STANDS FALL A PART. I still have to get the rimless 150 out box since we got hammered with Hurricane IRMA 48 hrs ago down here on the West...
  8. ihavecrabs

    Build Thread Crabs 155g In-Wall Fish Room Build

    Warning: This will be a very slow build :). After having my 60g shallow reef and 120 gallon display tank setup decommissioned after selling my last house, my 8g AIO has not keeping up with my addiction. That said, our family moved into a new home a month ago and after getting some projects...
  9. WhiskeyCoffee

    SCA-301 Skimmer won't fit together properly

    Already, I'm feeling pretty dumb right now but in my defense there are no assembly instructions haha. When putting the skimmer body on to the pump, it's not sitting flat because a piece of the 'nozzle' won't let the skimmer slide all the way down. Am I doing something wrong or is this a design...
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