1. LoveTheReef

    SPONSOR Sps, Zoa , Lps Frag packs!

    Zoanthid pack 1: Utter chaos 2: Bowser 3: Exosphere 4: Stratosphere 5: WWC AOI Click here to buy! Mushroom pack 1: Flame yuma 2: Speckled Rhodactis 3: Wannabe power ball 4: Candy crush yuma Click here to buy! Chalice pack 1: Miami Vice 2: WWC master peice 3: Superfly 4: Space invader Click...
  2. nycfreshreef

    Question about pests on new frags lps

    Hope everyone is doing well , just wanted to get your opinions. I took a very long break from the hobby and recently got back in about a year ago. since then , I have spent nearly 5 figures with a large/popular company that is supposedly quarantining their corals in an attempt to be pest free...
  3. R

    New Mexico Looking for Rainbow Wellso

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a beautiful rainbow wellso, must be willing to ship to Abq, NM. Thanks in advance!
  4. LoveTheReef

    Massachusetts Yuma, Jawbreakers, And trachys!

    Use code R2R10OFF at checkout for 10 percent off! Free shipping and free bsi glue when you spend over 349! Click here to buy! Click here to buy! Click here to buy ! Click here to buy! SOLD!
  5. glover69

    New York Rainbow Diaseris plate, Warpaint Scott

    Local pickup in Staten Island NY 10305. No shipping at this time. Rainbow Diaseris plate coral - $180 (nickel size ) Warpaint Scoly $200 (~3 inches when expanded ) Additional pics/ videos available upon request.
  6. Flyingbulldog

    California Master Scoly and torches

    FREE shipping for purchases over $400. Otherwise, its $50. Shipping from California. ⚠️Will ship overnight with heatpack. ⚠️DOA within 2 hours of arrival with pictures as soon as you open the bags. Master Scoly $700 Indo hg $200 / head Holy Guac $100 / head Gmk $30 / head
  7. LoveTheReef

    We're Back! R2R WYSIWYG Eye Candy - FREE Shipping Over $349

    We are very happy to be back on R2R after taking a couple years off. Our retail shop in Wilmington, MA is approaching 10 years old this March and we are thankful to be busier than ever. Thanks to all for checking out our forum page and website. We look forward to serving you...
  8. ThePhoReefer

    SOLD Bay Area : Scoly Collection Sale

    Pickup Sunnyvale No Shipping Buy all 7 for $800
  9. SCH14

    What’s wrong with this Scoly?

    Tried to get the best picture possible. Does anyone know what these clear”ish” things are that’s coming out of the Scoly?
  10. I

    Scoly getting some white collor at night

    Hi , dose anybody know what this could be on a scolly and only at night , it's getting something white looking around the mouth , when lights go on during the day it looks nice and healthy. Thank you
  11. PV Reefs


    Spooky season sale 20% off on all coral, automatic 20% off will be applied at checkout no code needed.
  12. PV Reefs

    Unique Scoly
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    Where are the Scoly lovers at???

    These absolute gems just arrived! They will make a perfect addition to any scoly lovers tank! Hit us up with any questions.
  14. nycfreshreef

    Hitchhiker Critter ID is this a sponge ? Or something else growing on the bottom of my scoly

    Hey guys & gals , happy weekend, hope everyone is doing ok Recently found this growing underneath one of my scolymia, appears to be some sort of sponge / truncate but wanted to post photos just to make sure it’s not something more invasive which warrants removal Here is a photo (attached) the...
  15. CoralsAnonymous

    July Flash Sale - Up to 80% off select livestock - ends July 26!

    Kick off the summer with our July Flash Sale for this week only - follow us on R2R and Instagram (in our signature below) for the latest drops and updates. Free overnight shipping is available on orders 299.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users for military...
  16. nycfreshreef

    Scoly Eats Cerith Snail

    Woke up this morning to this …. Plan is to leave the scoly alone for now but monitor closely … probably will eject the shell sooner or later Poor snail … If any of you guys have similar photos post !
  17. H

    Help! White fuzz on Scoly

    Hi there, it has been approximately 58 days since we added our first live stock in our 5ft, roughly 700l (184gal) tank. This scoly has been in the tank for 54 of those days, and had experienced a huge KH swing (to 5.5) in the 3rd week. It's been hardy for the most part, and eating frozen mysis...
  18. hcker99

    Live Goods UC Space Invaders Scoly

    Introducing the UC Space Invaders Scoly UC Space Invaders Scoly - Ultimate Corals wysiwyg
  19. david_ma

    Michigan Ultra nice bleeding apple scoly, inferno anemone.. will trade for shrooms

    Nice bleeding apple scoly, 3”, with some yellow mixed with the orange streaked, followed by green…..$350 shipped Inferno anemone 3” $300 shipped Will trade for eclectus or jawbreakers or other nice shrooms to improve my collection…Text 313-268-3195
  20. PV Reefs

    Master Button Scoly

    Button scoly available
  21. Kellie in CA

    California Frozen Berry Scoly - Upland CA. SOLD

    I have a few pieces that are getting a bit big for my small tank. Frozen Berry Scoly. Approx 4”. Purple and red with yellow marks. $150, Now $120 Pickup in Upland, Ca. Near 10 fwy. Available nights and weekends.
  22. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] St. Patrick Day's Sale - 2x Loyalty Points, Total Purchase Discount and Free Frags!

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us at Corals Anonymous with a free green frag for the first 50 purchases and double the loyalty points for all purchases this week! Use code Lucky10 for an additional 10% your entire purchase! FREE shipping for orders over $299.99 to the 48 Continental US...
  23. H

    Scoly bailout, chance of success?

    LFS I used to work for had a scoly receding horribly and gifted it to me in the hopes of revival. Naturally, while it was still bagged it started to bail and I caught the polyp last night. Still has great color this morning and have it sitting in some rubble. What do we think are the chances...
  24. T


    Hello, I got this cool scoly on December 27th. Since then it had been doing great. Unfortunately today I noticed it’s Color fading away and is not as fluffy/puffed up as it use to be. I’ve tried target feeding it reef roids twice a week. It’s been kind of a struggle because my other fish keep...
  25. GpixL_

    California Various Corals for Sale - Shipping Availalbe

    Hi, I am selling a bunch of coral including euphyllia, favia, lobo, zoa, scoly, mushrooms, anemones, and more. For more prices, pics and questions about the coral, feel free to pm me. Thanks! Zoa prices are as follows: Red Hornet: $15pp White zombie: $40pp Chuckies Bride: $27pp Orange zoa...