screen lid

  1. JRAD

    Jrad’s Hybrid anti carpet surfing top

    I have 3 tank raised Kamohara blennies. They were in a 2o gal qt with a glass canopy. They are skittish and jumpy fish. I received my custom all in one tank and I needed to set it up where the 20 gallon quarantine tank was. I’ve moved the Blennies into a 10 gallon cube. I put some egg crate...
  2. Manny'sReef

    Screen Mesh/Curved Return Box Issue

    I need help with my screen mesh build. I built one a few years ago with metal framing and it has done great, but it just sits on top of my rimless tank. When I added a new Radion with the arm it doesn't fit. I decided to start a new build. The problem is my return box is in the corner and it's...
IceCap Smart 4 Stage 100gpd RODI System.