1. Scp

    Michigan Miscellaneous Uniheat heat packs for shipping lifor sale 72 and 96 hr

    I have several of each available. Located in Waterford Michigan. 72 hour $3.50 each 97 hour $4.00 shipping available. Message if intereste
  2. Perpetual Novice

    Delaware Looking for Peacock Mantis Shrimp. Desperate

    I’ve been sifting through hundreds of pages for online suppliers. Nobody has had peacock mantis shrimp in stock for over a month. Ive talked to fish stores local and half way across the country. They all tell me they’ll notify me when in stock. And I’ve actually specifically ordered one from one...
  3. HunterW

    I feel silly; but need my tank shipped to me...

    Hello, my tank is paid for, and got it for a song; but I need it shipped from California to the Panhandle of Texas. Anyone ship their glass tank via the major shippers. I had my manchinery shipped by a vendor for my company BUT, never a fish tank. It's a bow front that is 90 gals. TIA.