skinny scooter blenny

  1. Cantusaurus

    Skinny Scooter Blenny

    I think I am driving myself crazy. I have this Ruby Red Scooter/Dragonet for 3 months. 32.5 gallon (long) tank. Lots of pods in there before adding him (live phyto in there too to help with pods). I also have Marine pure spheres (biomedia) for them to hide in and I am trying to grow a small...
  2. Cantusaurus

    My ruby red dragonet is a little skinny? Is this normal?

    Hi, so I have had my Ruby Red Dragonet for 3 months and it has always been eating and looks good, although it is a bit skinny. It is not deathly skinny or anything. I have not noticed any abnormal behavior from him either. I have a Fluval 32 gallon (long) tank. There are a lot of pods I have...
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