skunk cleaner shrimp

  1. mdock

    Please help!!! Cleaner Shrimp and Snails

    Did my Nassarius snails kill my cleaner shrimp??? I just noticed them all on the shrimp today. He was fine earlier. I couldn’t get them off him. What should I do? Did I do something wrong with him? I thought they only eat dead things so maybe he died and they got to him right away?
  2. L

    Shrimp in 75gallon reef tank

    Hey everyone Just looking for advice and recommendations on shrimp for a 75 gallon mixed reef tank. I’m looking to add of my first shrimp and just wondering what would be the best I really like the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood shrimp or fire shrimp. However, I do plan or it is in my list...
  3. M

    Surprising Pair?

    I have had a Midas Blenny for several months now and he not only has completely dominated my 32AOI, which includes a damsel, in an almost dictator fashion. I was at a loss and going to donate him. I had added a skunk cleaner shrimp about 2 months back and a couple weeks after I added him I had...
  4. proud-Noob-aquarist

    Build Thread Saltwater journey

  5. A

    Long Tentacle Anemone compatibility

    Hello, I’m new to the salt water side of fish keeping. I currently have a 75 gallon tank with a sail fin tang, yellow watchman gobby, royal gramma, lawnmower blenny, 2 cardinal banggai, 3 common clown fish, fire gobby, red scooter dragonet, and a skunk cleaner shrimp. I tried to research a...
  6. anabechara

    Could I help him?

    Hello there! My cleaner shrimp molted last night and today he looks like a truck ran him over... he is missing his hind legs, his antennae are wrinkled and thin and he can barely move... I have been keeping am eye on him waiting to see if he will harden throughout the day but nothing... In my...
  7. 1epauletteshark

    Which cleaner shrimp should I purchase?

    I have a small 17gallon aquarium and yesterday I went out and bought a coral banded shrimp not realizing how agressive they are and that it would eat my sexy shrimp, my question is which other cleaner shrimp should I buy? A pacific (skunk) cleaner shrimp or a peppermint shrimp? Fish plans: 2x...
  8. I

    Inverts molting

    Is it odd that a good number of my inverts all molted at the same time? I’ve found a cleaner shrimp molt, coral banded molt, and 3 hermit molts today.