soft corals

  1. D

    soft corals

    Hi, Please can anyone identify this soft coral?? file attached. many thanks.
  2. Rifts2Reefs

    Palythoa and Zoanthid IDs

    Brand new to the forum, as well as still new to the reefing scene (2 years now). Will be using this thread to post some of the more interesting looking Palys and Zoas I find, which I can't positively ID to anything else I've seen so far. Here's a few to start it off. Picked up these up from an...
  3. Dr. Dendrostein

    What is this, from Tonga

    Smooth stalk, odd color polyps not carnation corals, thinking scleronephthya colonies? Anyone I'm trying to get better photos Forget come in dark burgundy or bright yellow polyps only
  4. Shekina Shalom

    Massachusetts Looking for green and yellow leathers

    Hi! I would love to buy some green and yellow leathers maybe some purple/blue/red/pink mushrooms. I'm having a hard time finding something that would look good under daylights I don't really like blue lights. I'm willing to pay for shipping or picking up locally. HMU located in springfield ma
  5. Keith_0011

    Questions for Ricordea Florida experts

    OK. I'm looking to fine tune a Ricordea florida exhibit at work. Some of them look fine, but others are shrinking and I cannot put my finger on why. 60 gallon custom made glass tank made by TankMeUSA. 24"x24"x25" Kessil 360 W Tuna blue light about 8"over the top of the water. Light at about...
  6. erk

    Algae Growth on Gorgonians

    My gorgonians close up from time to time and shed, as is normal. Somewhat recently though, one of my gorgonians closed up and the algae that grew on its limbs is coralline algae. I typically allow nature to take its course in these situations and the gorgonian can shed the old layer and out pop...
  7. Solis Reef

    Corals before and after photos.

    Let’s see those before and after photos of your corals. I will star this is one of my favorites one.
  8. F

    EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G4 Pro LED Light Fixture

    Which light setting is best to grow SPS coral as well as soft corals. I care about growth the most. Especially the growth of SPS coral. Thanks!!!