soft corals

  1. A

    Skinny Xenia and iodine

    Hello, I got a pulsing Xenia about 4 ish months ago, and up until the last month and a half it was doing well and pulsing like crazy. Now the polyps are skinny and not as puffed up without any pulsing whatsoever. I have also been battling prorocentrum dinos and now have a forest of GHA however...
  2. Queen City Corals

    Livestock Queen City Corals, website update! Hundreds of new corals!

    Hello Fellow Reefers! Just wanted to give you guys an update! We just uploaded 100+ more WYSIWYG products on the site! Whether it be LPS, SPS or softies, we got it all! Come check out the largest online coral store !
  3. Alexgar224

    Why are my corals ticked off?

    Good evening, This is my first post to this forum so here's to hoping everything goes well! haha I've been wondering why my tank hasn't been doing too good for the past 2-3 months. The corals have basically been retracted and slowly dying off for the previous time stated. my current tank...
  4. E

    Help unknown things growing on coral

    I noticed a bunch of these weird things growing on my soft coral, is it bad? And what is it please
  5. E

    Red Sea no pox melting corals

    Has anyone ever had Red Sea n03 p04x melt any of their soft corals? Every time I put it in my tank no matter the dose I see them shrivel up before my eyes and then they die soon after, I am putting it in the back of my drain box to let it mix with the water and through the sump before it ends up...
  6. J

    Did Light Change Affect Soft Corals?

    Hey everyone, So for a couple months I ran only one 165W Viparspectra LED on my 90 gallon softie system. I had the settings at 70% blue 30% white. At the time I only had a few corals in there. I decided after a couple months to upgrade to the 300W version. Which is double the length of the...
  7. E

    Oregon WTB Looking for soft corals

    I am looking to buy some soft corals NOT ZOANTHIDS OR PALYS, I can’t seem to find a coral vendor that sells really any soft corals
  8. dsong04

    Nano Build Davis' Mixed Reef | JBJ RL-20 | AI Prime 16HD

    Hi, first time poster here! I recently got a JBJ RL-20 Cube Reef AIO. It's a sleek tank with spacious chambers in the back and clean edges. Great quality! I'm also a first time reefer, after many years of experience with planted freshwater aquariums. I was an ADA (Aqua Design Amano) fan and...
  9. E

    Where to buy soft corals?

    What is a good place to buy soft corals? The usual websites like unique corals , world wide corals and aqua SD don’t really have a good selection, I’m looking for stuff like sinularia, colt coral and things like that
  10. J

    Toadstool Leather Issues

    Hey everyone, For a couple months now a couple of my toadstools have been closed, no polyp extension at all. The only time it does is maybe for a brief moment during the day or at night. It’s in a constant shedding cycle because it waxes over too. But my other leathers are perfect everyday? Is...
  11. Accidentalreefers

    Need identification on yuma shroom

    Hey reef fam need an ID on this yuma shroom!
  12. J

    Signs of Too Much Light For Softies

    Hey guys quick question, What are the major signs of having too much light for soft corals?
  13. J

    Light Intensity For Corals

    Hey everyone quick question, Can too much light intensity on LED’s result in no coral growth? Specifically softies, but even stonys too? Thank you, Joey S
  14. J

    Dosing 2 Part B Ionic Softie Only 90 Gallon

    Hey everyone, Quick discussion, Instead of doing weekly 10% water changes. Can I starting tomorrow, test for alk and calcium everyday for 5 days, see how much my tank is using, and then at the end of each week dose each element of what the tank consumed total that whole week. I say this because...
  15. J

    2 Part Dosing Softie Tank

    Hey guys quick question, I tested my tank alk and cal for 5 days to see the consumption over that time period. And I really only saw a swing of .6 dkh at the most. I’m thinking of dosing B Ionic 2 part to keep it stable. My tank is a 90 gallon softie dominated system and I feel like the bi...
  16. J

    Little to no soft coral growth

    Hey everyone hope you’re all doing very well, My softie dominant 90 gallon has been running for 8 months now. And I’ve gotten little to no coral growth during that time. It’s mainly a leather dominant reef with some zoas and a Vargas cespitularia, and out of the 8 corals I have in there now I...
  17. TrevisSpease

    EMERGENCY Need help with AI Hydra 26 15 gallon reef tank

    Hello novice reefers! i am fairly new to the whole saltwater tank thing, as much as i like to think i am, i’m not educated on this much at all. i have had the tank for a year now and had so many nice corals in the beginning. had a hard coral, bubble tip anemone, frogspon, so many mushrooms, and...
  18. J

    Water Changes For Softies Tank

    Hey everyone, My 90 gallon softie dominant reef has been running for over 7 months now, and so far I’ve gotten little to no coral growth. The tanks got some sarcophytons/devils hands, vargas cespitularia, and gorgonians. The only growth I’ve seen is the cespitularia. All fish are reef safe and...
  19. J

    Coral Adjustment to Flow

    Hey everyone, My toadstools have been in this repeated shedding stage where they open not all the way for about a day, and then go back to being closed up for 1-2 weeks. It’s been like this for a few weeks now. Anyways, I read threads of people saying to increase flow in the tank for the...
  20. U

    EMERGENCY Bubble Coral

    Hey all. My bubble coral doesn’t look like it’s doing to well. Any advice would be great.
  21. Reefer37

    Online Coral Store for Soft Corals?

    Curious if anyone has recommendations for online coral stores for higher end soft corals? And no, I'm not talking about zoas. There's seems to be a lot of online stores dedicated to different types of corals like acros or euphyllias, but I don't know of any really for higher end softies.
  22. FreakPrism

    Can you help identify these corals

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I bought a pack of 9 "beginner coral" pack from a local coral store that was on sale. Each pack is different and silly me forgot to get the names of what I was getting. Can I get help from the veterans here as to what I have? That way I can read up on them more. The...
  23. reefmasterdomi

    White spots on Discosoma Mushroom

    Hi, I recently picked up some corals off a friend and this random mushroom was closed and tucked on the back on the rock. He came loose and floated around until i caught him & put him into my loose mushroom cup. he eventually attached to a rock. Now that he’s open I got a semi decent picture of...
  24. badluckman

    Kenya Tree has "moldy" part that recedes every day

    Hello, I have a brown Kenya Tree in my tank that has some weird moldy like neon green stuff on it every morning, but as the light hits it the green stuff recedes during the day and then flares up during the night again. I got it mainly as an indicator coral so I could see that my water had...
  25. D

    soft corals

    Hi, Please can anyone identify this soft coral?? file attached. many thanks.