1. Schraufabagel

    Some corals retracting, but no clear reason?

    My toadstool and alveopora were very happy in there current spots for months. However, they have now retracted and haven't opened for about a week. I haven't changed flow or lighting. I just did a 15% water change yesterday and am waiting to see if that will help at all. My lobophyllia has also...
  2. N

    Leather Fragging Advice

    Two of my leathers are growing like crazy looking for advice about fragging/pruning names of the leathers and fair prices for frags would also be appreciated. May sell the round one a single piece, seems a shame to cut but it is overtaking the tank (100 g) thanks.
  3. Queen City Corals

    Livestock Queen City Corals, website update! Hundreds of new corals!

    Hello Fellow Reefers! Just wanted to give you guys an update! We just uploaded 100+ more WYSIWYG products on the site! Whether it be LPS, SPS or softies, we got it all! Come check out the largest online coral store !
  4. TopShelfAquatics


    Thank you everyone for participating in our Fourth of July Sale! Let's keep this train rolling. Starting now you can use the coupon code "America15" to get 15% off your entire order! Still tons of amazing corals available on the site. You definitely do not want to miss out! Check them all...
  5. B

    Finally ready to put corals in

    Hey guys my 180 gallon has been up and running stable for about a year now I finally have adequate lighting. I'm ready to start putting corals in I have a few that have been sitting in a biocube just waiting. I want to do all soft corals mostly leathers. My question is where is a good place to...
  6. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  7. F

    Calcium Rising without Dosing!!

    Hey everyone, My calcium has been rising for a couple weeks now. I don't dose calcium yet, but I do dose KH. I check all my parameters 2 times a week and have noticed a massive increase in calcium even from the last test. I do a water change every Sunday arvo (just did one and checked...
  8. nivekid

    Utah Koji Wada Pink Nepthea

    Hello All, I have several frags of Koji Wada Japanese Pink Nepthea available. This is a fun soft coral that provides some different texture and color to almost any tank. The pink looks most vibrant under white lights. This coral does not fluoresce; instead it is pigmented pink. Under heavy...
  9. maleks.reef

    Softies softies sofites

    Hello everyone. I am very interested in soft corals and all their variations so can you please leave a picture and a name of a softie that you think is the most unique/beautiful softie out there? Thanks!
  10. HonorableWhat

    Newbie Lighting Help

    So, im new to saltwater and i am trying to figure out the best light to go with my tank for what i want to do with it. Tank dimensions are 23.62″ x 23.62″ x 17.72″ 45 gallons. I wish to keep mainly softies and lps but i may try out 1 or 2 sps placed in a high light area just to see if i like...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Cinco De Mayo Sale!! ***HUGE DISCOUNTS!!** $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS

    This Wednesday. Join us for our Cinco de Mayo sale. We will have hourly drops on our website. Starting at 2pm. Over 1,500 corals will be going up. $1, $5, $10 and free corals throughout the night. Up to 80% off. You definitely don't want to miss out!
  12. andiesreef

    Build Thread Andie's Beginner 20g Tank (Budget-Friendly)

    Andie's First Saltwater Aquarium Hey everybody! Today I figured I'd start a build thread on the progression of my first reef tank. It is a tad late, as the tank is already 3 months old, but I reckoned I'd just start here. So, rewind to September 2020. I had just set up my first planted aquarium...
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Easter Extravaganza Sale! ***OVER 2500 CORALS*** $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS!!

  14. Scp

    Michigan Various corals for sale

    elow is the list of soMe others of what I have. 1) green Monti cap $10 2) orange Monti cap $10 3) large head Duncan $20 per head 4) gsp $5 5) teal hammer $25/HD Larger avail 6)green purple frogspawn $20/hd med size 7) pink purple frogspawn $45 head 8) krypto candy cane $10/HD 9) green...
  15. andiesreef

    Adding Fish and Corals

    So I am starting a 20g reef tank as soon as my cycle finishes. I am planning on the following stocking: - 1 ocellaris clownfish - 1 cardinalfish or royal gramma - 1 small blenny or goby maybe paired with a shrimp - 1 small wrasse if i can find one (pink-streaked or possum, or perhaps even a...
  16. Fred5612

    Recommendation for 40” x 23” x 23” softie and LPS tank.

    Hello all. I was debating what lights would be good for a 40 x 23 x 23 tank that only houses softies and LPS, I don’t plan to go SPS in this tank. 1x Radion Xr30 G5 2x Radion Xr15 G5 or ??? I would love to hear the reef2reef opinion on how to light this tank. ‘thanks in advance to all.
  17. L

    Flow Rate In Display Help

    Hello:) I have a new Red Sea 425xl up and running. Been cycled for a while and already have a decent stock in the tank. Recently added 15 corals and have a question on flow. I really want this to be a mixed reef but I read so many different things about flow. I’ve seen up to x80+ In some...
  18. andiesreef

    Beginner 20g Reef Tank Stocking Idea

    Hi! I'm new to the saltwater hobby and have some questions on appropriate stocking for a potential 20g tank my dad and I are planning on keeping together. FISH - added gradually over a few weeks, in no particular order 2 ocellaris clowns 1 neon goby OR a firefish 2 cardinalfish Potentially a...
  19. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Zoa frags

    I have some zoa I am going to frag. Frags will be 1-2 polyp $15-20 pp Could create a frag pack Frags Available -Rasta -Laser Lemons, - Purple heart -Pink diamond -Super Siayan -Scrambled eggs Pm if interested Open for trades as well
  20. CaliDanhReef

    California Leathers and softies coral

    Selling my finger leather $20 toadstool $10 green sinularis $30 Cabbage leather $30 pickup only no shipping at 94087, pm for more detail Bay Area
  21. mikedavematt

    Build Thread Shallow Lagoon Reef - Waterbox Frag 105.4

    Hi - I'm new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself with a tank build thread. Here are some shots of my shallow lagoon reef. It's about 1.5 years old. I call it a shallow lagoon reef tank because it features approximately 50 mangrove seed pods, as well as many some usual livestock...
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    Tons of Fresh Eye Candy!!!!

    Website is loaded with tons of fresh eye candy for your tank!!! Here's just a few of the pieces available now! Check them out here:
  23. TopShelfAquatics

    This update is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Just a sneak peak at some of the fire going on our site tonight!!! Don't let these gems slip away!!
  24. LaraLouM

    Toadstool not standing straight

    My toadstool used to stand up tall, but now it’s stalk is almost horizontal. We haven’t made any changes to the tank, and have had the toadstool since it’s head was about the size of an egg. Is it too top heavy? Not enough light? Too close to the xenia?
  25. Squeven

    Lighting and temperature control

    Hello Everyone, I live in an area that doesn’t normally get hot, but this summer has had some brutal days. Temperatures have gotten high enough to effect my corals. I have a BioCube 32 with stock LED lights and the hood. Would removing the hood help with temperature control? I know it will...
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