springfield mo

  1. LevLucian

    Anyone here in Springfield area?

    Hello, A long long time ago I was into this hobby and knew about theseas organization, but never participated. I am getting back into the hobby and wanted to see if anyone in the Springfield, MO area is here doing saltwater?
  2. MissouriReefer31

    Frags for trade/sale

    Looking for frags for trade/sale in the Springfield area can drive but not too far 30 mins max. Green Birdsnest Pink birdsnest Purple Cap Monti Green Cap Monti Pink encrusting Monti Starburst Cap Monti Paly's Zoa's Mushroom's also willing to check anything else out as well.
  3. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    Frags for sale near Springfield mo

    Mini torch coral (grape coral) 2 heads Teal tips with a nice yellow tint in the heads near the mouths. RR tropic thunder montipora frags for sale also I purchased this coral directly from Jason fox. All of my frags are guaranteed pest free! Message me for more info if interested.