1. Acro76

    SPS update @ Cherry Corals!

    Find em here on the site: https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/
  2. Acro76

    ** Cherry Corals Summer Spectacular Live Sale! ** Father's Day Weekend, June 18 & 19th!

  3. Acro76

    SPS update @Cherry Corals!

    Check em out here on the site: https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/
  4. coral_yyh

    Build Thread 500L Y2H SPS Tank

    i started seawater tank 6 years ago. I had a lot of help from my country local club. now i will start my SPS tank tread to record changes and discuss some issues. [START] - 2019.08.08 : start [TANK] - 1200x700x600(H) │1000x600x500(H) │500L - Lighting : Giesemann maxtrixx T5 8 bulbs - Skimmer ...
  5. Acro76

    A few SPS shots from the Cherry Corals Farm

  6. ReefSarg

    RED ROBIN?? What do you think this is?

    We’re having some debate on what this is. I was told it is a Red Robin, some say it’s not. What do you think it is?? It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. The colors have changed slightly since I’ve put it under my 360x’s, but it’s always had that green base.
  7. galactic_coral


    Galactic Coral Live Sale Event SATURDAY June 27th, 2020 *on Reef2Reef Noon-10pm CT* live sale banner space.jpg BIG DISCOUNTS on AMAZING CORALS Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Corals 100+ $5 & $10 frags, Prizes and Fun! Come join us, Noon to 10pm CT PROMOTIONS & GAMES: WE ARE...
  8. Acro76

    Cherry Corals Memorial Day Sale! 20% off all corals starts now!

  9. MelReefer

    Alk stability?

    So first I will introduce you to my tank. 40 gallon Red Sea. I have had it for a year and a half now and have successfully kept lps and anemones. Radion xr 15w pro for my lighting. I am excited to get into the big world of sps and have ordered my very first which will be coming soon. Tank...
  10. hcker99

    New Year New Corals From Ultimate Corals

    Lots of sweet new corals available. Send us a MSG with any questions or to place an order. 1. $550 Shipped 2. $1050 Shipped 3. $1050 Shipped 4. $1050 Shipped 5. $30 6. $80 7. $80 8. $80 9. $100 10. $100...
  11. Acro76

    150+ WYSIWYG SPS @ Cherry Corals! 20/20 Sale!

  12. Rivers&Reefs

    Nano Build SPS Nano Build Plans

    Hey all. I’m currently planning my first mainly SPS tank & looking for some feedback on my current plans. I will post regular updates & pictures once the build is started. The tank I will be going with is an Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 30L AIO 30 gallon. After doing alot of research over...
  13. Acro76

    SPS update @Cherry Corals!

    Check em all out here, or click the photos: https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps/
  14. Acro76

    Cherry Corals Presents... Coral Madness in April! April 27th 6pm to 12am?

    Shipping modules are now available! Please purchase the day you would like your corals shipped, and they will arrive the next business day. We do not offer Friday for Saturday shipping. https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/live-sale-shipping/
  15. Acro76

    Marvelous Montiporas @CherryCorals!

    Check em out here: https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps/montipora-frags/
  16. A

    Build Thread NEW YEAR- NEW TANK Reefer Nano SPS Dominant Build

    New year, new tank!!! And this build is finally more than a dream!! So, I guess this is where I do the basic beginning of a tank build intro so here we go: Tank: Red Sea reefer nano with black stand (21 display volume with 7 gallon sump) Equipment: -Sicce 2.0 return pump - A360 (possibly sell...
  17. Acro76

    Cherry Corals SPS update! Orange Passion, Disney Jr, Hellboy, Fox Flame, Oregon, and more!

    https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps/ CC Disney Jr. CC Hellboy PC Rainbow JF Fox Flame SC Orange Passion CC Frostbite horrida TGC Cherry Bomb Fragfarmer Red Robin Stag CC White Rose OG Oregon Tort JF Beach Bum CC Royale Pocillopora
  18. hcker99

    Summer Heat at Ultimate Corals

    Summer is heating up over here at Ultimate Corals. Lot's of new pics before they hit the website. Message us with any questions or to place an order. 1. $200 2.$175 3. $100 4. $100 5. $100 6. $100 7. $100 8. $125 9. $60 10. $30 11. $125 12. $150...
  19. hcker99

    Lots of sweet corals at Ultimate Corals

    Lots of new goodies. Get them before they hit the website. PM us with any questions or to place an order. 1. $1000 2.$30 3. $60 4. $30 5. $60 6. $125 7. $150 8. $125 9. $60 10. $100 JF Paranoia Favia 11. $30 12. $100 13. $30 14. $30 15. $30 16...
  20. Acro76

    SPS update @CherryCorals! - Kombucha, Merlin Staff and more!

    Check em out here: https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps/ CC Kombucha Tenuis Tyree Merlin Staff - Route66 LE CC Ultraviolet - NEW CC Cherry Limeaid Tyree Rainbow Shortcake Greg Carroll Acroberry CC The Kraken AV99's Orange Crush BC Bubblebath Unicorn...
  21. ChaosAquaculture

    Whats your favorite coral? Here is some of ours!

    What are some of your favorite corals? Lets see some of those epic corals you have been collecting! Here is some of my personal favorites!
  22. Acro76

    50+ New WYSIWYG SPS Frags @Cherrycorals.com!

    Check em out here: https://www.cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps/ SC Orange Passion JF Tierra Del Fuego ORA Micronesian Pink and Green ORA Plum Crazy ORA Borealis CC Sour Patch Stag BC Bubblebath Unicorn RR Peacock CC Voodoo Majick Original Icefire...
  23. hcker99

    Weekend Update at Ultimate Corals

    New specials for the week and lots of sweet corals. PM us with any questions or to place an order. Also be sure to check out our weekly walkthrough video at 1. $30 2. $20 3. $30 4. $30 5. $200 6. $40 7. Sold 8. $30 9. $60 10. $60 11. $150 12. Another pic...
  24. hcker99

    5-4-18 Weekend Walkthrough at Ultimate Corals