1. Acro76

    143 New WYSIWYG Aquacultured Acropora @Cherry Corals!

    Check em out on the site! Have a few more to upload this weekend as well... https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/acropora-frags/
  2. U

    SPS tips?

    Hi, I've recently just bought some of my first SPS corals. I used to have a bird nest frag but it got stung to death by my torch coral. The SPS corals I got today are A Mystic Sunset Montipora, A purple Stylopora and A Bali Green slimer (Acropora.) My Alkalinity is stable siting around 9, PH...
  3. Acro76

    Acropora update @CherryCorals!

    Just added these and a few new Doorbuster Deals! https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/acropora-frags/
  4. B

    Anyone know why my stylo looks like this?

    Frist pick is it then second is it now all my other sps looks amazing except this one. Is it too much light? The park at that spot is about 270-290
  5. Acro76

    Fresh Acro Drop! @CherryCorals

    Check it out here: https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/acropora-frags/
  6. Acro76

    125+ New SPS @CherryCorals! Jolt, WD, Disney Jr, Oregon Tort, and more!

    Check out the updates here: https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/acropora-frags/ CC Disney Jr. JF Solar Flare JF Jolt
  7. Acro76

    World Famous Cherry Corals $25 Sale! Drops Friday @8pm!

  8. nycfreshreef

    Help with Jawbreaker Shriveling up mushroom

    Hello , does anyone know why this JB is shriveling up like this ? Normally it’s usually sitting flat and measures about 2 inches across covering the whole plug. Approximately 48 hours ago it started shriveling up like this , all other mushrooms in the tank look fine. Parameters are all excellent...
  9. B

    What’s happening with my SPS corals?

    So my sps corals are dying off but it’s very strange… So I have 2 digitalas in the tank and both have been bleaching from the base up. My monitors on the other hand has been doing fine and is encrusting over the rock it’s on. I run 2 gen 4 raisins both on the WWC mixed reef pre set at 75%. I...
  10. hcker99

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    30% Off Ultimate Corals: Don't Miss Out on Our Limited Time Offer! Save an additional 30% on all livestock now through Monday with code 30OFF at checkout We've added a ton of new corals to www.UltimateCorals.com and will be adding more every day for the sale. This sale expires...
  11. Qwarex

    Sps losing colors a few weeks after adding

    Hello, so i got some acros, crazy t monti, forest fire monti, staghorn and a red digitata a month ago and they are still alive but lost so much of their color, i really dont understand why. I also have a red plating monti that slowy lost most of its color, a neon green montipora confusa that is...
  12. Acro76

    Cherry Corals Acropora Update!

    Cherry Corals Acropora update! All WYSIWYG aquaculture! https://cherrycorals.com/product-category/sps-corals/acropora-frags/
  13. hcker99

    Ultimate Corals Fall Fun Sale! Let's get the Party Going! Code "FALLFUN" for 40% Off! LIMITED TIME! Torches, Rainbow Chalices, Bounces, Zoas + MORE!

    Ultimate Corals Fall Sale! Save 40% on all livestock now through Monday with code FALLFUN at checkout With the fall weather upon us and summer over we figured what a great time to add some more color to that reef tank. We've added a ton of new corals to www.UltimateCorals.com and will...
  14. Acro76

    100+ WYSIWYG Aquacultured Acropora frags @CherryCorals!

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  15. discovermarine

    From 1400litres to 100, my first YouTube video

    Hi all! I thought I would try my hand at documenting my latest journey with a Red Sea MAX NANO. Previosuly, I had 1400litre fish only system and decided that it was time for a new challenge! I’ve never kept sps and figured that documenting my challenges via reef2reef and YouTube would be a great...
  16. CoralCandyAqua

    Virginia WYSIWYG Montipora Pack

    WYSIWYG MONTIPORA PACK INCLUDES: 1. WWC Slimeball Setossa 2. WWC Tubbs Steleto Branching 3. Beach Bum 4. Red/0range Monti Cap
  17. LagoonParadise22

    New York YES I have read the terms and agree to them

    blue Organ tart acropora , Bubble gum digi & JF tnt anacapora $120 for 3 corals
  18. Sps frags

    Sps frags

    Bubble gum digi ,Pc rainbow ,Blue Oregon tart , JF Fox flame & JF TNT Anacropora
  19. Acro76

    65+ New Chunky SPS Frags @Cherrycorals

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  20. C

    SPS and AI Prime 16HD

    Hi everyone, So I have a SGA 50gal with one AI Prime 16HD. I recently got 2 acros and some other SPS. They were fine at first now they are losing their color/turning white tips. My parameters are all good but my friend told me my light may not be intense enough for these corals. I have attached...
  21. C

    Bird's-nest help

    Hi all, I recently got my first bird's-nest two weeks ago and the bottom of it is still white. I have it placed higher in my tank with the wave maker pointing at it. I'm not sure what to do. Should I move it lower in my tank? I have attached a pic of it. Thank you!
  22. CherryCorals

    200+ WYSIWYG SPS now @ Cherry Corals!

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  23. Acro76

    Stick update @CherryCorals! All WYSIWYG Jolts, Highlighters, Oregon tort, and more!

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  24. Acro76

    SPS update @ Cherry Corals!

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  25. Acro76

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