sps coral issues

  1. Zoa_Fanatic

    Can leptos grow next to each other

    Can I grow two lepto on the same rock without them going to war with each other? I have a mr. Freeze and I’m looking to pair it with something.
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    Lepto experts needed

    Does anyone on here know if I will be able to grow a jack-o-lantern lepto on the same rock as my Mr. Freeze? I spoke to a vendor at a coral show locally that said some of them will grow side by side fibe and some will try to murder each other. Will these two be ok? P
  3. A

    Tube Worm in SPS?

    Hi everyone, Do any of you know what this is growing on the bottom of this montipora? Coral isn’t happy, planning a lugol’s dip and slight relocation. Thanks, Adam
  4. A

    Tube Worm in SPS?

    Hi everyone, Do any of you know what this is growing on the bottom of this montipora? Coral isn’t happy, planning a lugol’s dip and slight relocation. Thanks, Adam
  5. Holmzie123

    Birdsnest bleaching? Recommendations welcome

    Hi fish people, I got this wwc green birdsnest a few months ago and about a month ago it started bleaching. Maybe six weeks at this point. This is my first coral that's started doing that so I was slow to react. I've lowered the light intensity and the time the lights are on. It's still slowly...
  6. javisaman

    Months of struggles (high res pictures, sorry long)

    Hi All, Hoping you can help me with the current issues I'm having with my tank. The setup: Aquarium: Started 07/2019 75 gallon Aquarium Masters + 20 gallon Trigger Systems sump Reef Angel Controller 70 Lbs dry rock (old from a previous tank, but left in a tub for 2 years) Barebottom with...
  7. 4

    SPS Help!

    First and foremost, I just want to provide as much detail as I can so all the information needed is available. I know not all maybe relevant but I've never posted on a forum before asking for help either, so please bare with. We have a 125 gallon mixed (SPS,LPS, Softies, Sea Fans, NPS and...
  8. C

    SPS turning White/Brown - Need Help

    Starting yesterday one of my SPS's frag started turning White. Not sure what is going on. Below are my Parameters Changes I did recently Changed my Red Sea 90 and 50 whites to 50% for a week and now back to 10% based on this turning White My blues are 100% always Placement of the SPS was even...
  9. Xombie2000

    Color coloration issue possibly due to low nutrients

    I have a plating monti that has turned peach over time. My purple rain has also had some color loss over time as well. A few things have changed. My mother passed 6 months ago and I neglected my tank. In other words, I neglected to feed my corals(reef roids) and dose amino acids (reef...
  10. A

    Need help with my Blue Iceberg Acro

    Need help trying to figure out whats going on with one of my acros. It looks like the tissue is peeling off. All parameters are in check and everything else is growing and has good polyp extension. Tank has Acros, Montis, Hammer, Torches, Leathers, Clove Polys, Blastos, and others and this is...
  11. Fishhands

    Rainbow montipora stn?

    Ive had this rainbow montipora for a little over 2 mos. As you can see its almost covered the whole plug. However, in last 3 days this has shown up. Ive searched for nudis and not found any. This is my only montipora so i dont have reference. Other corals are doing better than ever. Even a favia...
  12. BigKid4788

    Alk Consumption

    I'm looking for a little help as I cannot seem to figure out what is going on with my tank. Tank (350 gallon total) has been set up and running for little over a year (rock came from tank running for 4 yrs). I noticed my ALK continuing to climb even though I didn't adjust the dosing amount...
  13. HmoneyReefOkc

    AEFW? Or Moorish Idol nite Mark?

    So this coral seems to be one of the three or four favorites that my humungous moorish idol is constantly biting throughout the day.... but i pulled it and dipped it due to so many weird death paterns. Part of it is for sure due to being completely shaded by itself i believe but other parts...
  14. O

    SPS dying off. Losing tissue

    Hey R2R members, I am wondering if you can help me figure out what is going on with a number of my SPS. Tank has been up for over 2 years and have kept all my SPS frags and mini colonies alive and well for that period of time. Over the course of about 4 weeks I have lost a few SPS but a number...
  15. R

    Black spot on Montipora

    Hi all! I noticed a dark spot on my montipora a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's something to be concerned with. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be progressing quickly. Could this just be new growth? Or is it some kind of pest I need t worry about?