sps frags

  1. Daydream Corals

    Livestock JF Fox Flame $80 + New Customers Save 30% Off

    JF Fox Flame $80 + New Customers Save 30% Off https://daydreamcorals.com/product/jf-fox-flame-acropora/
  2. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts SPS Frags (ACROS?) - Local Only

    I jumped the gun a little bit today while at my LFS and bought 3 frags without really thinking it through. They were a really good deal but I'm concerned I will lose them due to my tank not being up long enough & not stable with Calcium & Alkalinity. Anyways, these were "no-name specials", they...
  3. ReefBum

    ReefBum's Latest SPS Journey

    Back in mid-2015 I started my latest reef tank, a 187 gallon aquarium. For the first time I decided to use dry rock instead of live rock and I had one problem after another, including diatoms, a bacterial bloom and the worst pest I ever encountered, dinos. Ultimately, I was never able to grow...
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