starting a reef aquarium

  1. Agraves77

    Tennessee 80 Gallon Rimless Aquarium Setup

    I have a 80 Gallon Deep Blue Rimless Setup for sale. It includes the tank, a custom built stand, the Triton Systems 34" sump, a reactor, simplicity dc 2100 gph return pump, ATO Reservoir, 2 eheim jager heaters (150 watts each) and some plumbing accessories to go with it. Asking $475 OBO...
  2. Taking the Plunge: Starting Your First Reef Aquarium

    Beginner Topic Taking the Plunge: Starting Your First Reef Aquarium

    Zoanthid close-up. Photo is from the Reef2Reef archives. We think there are plenty of readers out there who are considering starting a reef tank but who hesitate to move forward for a number of reasons. So, this article is intended for those who have never had any kind of aquarium, or those...