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  1. mclaurin

    Adding Stax Rock to existing tank

    2 month old tank but had Covid when I put it together and regretting my choices. Have live rock,live sand,2 snowflake clowns,coral beauty,orchid dottyback some hermit crabs and an emerald crab (although he looks brownish to me). Would like to get rid of the the plastic and battleship but the...
  2. R

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 New Build

    Hey All, Newcomer to R2R, but been using this forum as a resource on my current build. Wanted to share this and hopefully pick up some info from you more experienced folks along the way. This is my second mixed reef tank, had one at my office a few years back, but decided to take it down and...
  3. TheWB

    AIO Build TheWB’s IM Lagoon 50

    Hello everyone, I joined the forum about a year ago and so far I’ve just been following a bunch of different threads, chiming in here and there, reading everything I can and just generally lurking. I’m finally ready after about 18 months of planning and accumulating equipment to start my...
  4. MarineDepot

    Build a Tank: 2, 18, 22, 33, or 64 Gallons!

    Build A Tank: 2, 18, 22, 33, or 64 Gallons! PLUS: 10% off Majano Wands!
  5. M

    Aquascape with TLF Stax rocks

    Hi, I ordered 80lbs of Two Little Fishies Stax Rocks and I try to find the best way to blue them together. not in one big block but in bunch of few piece to make them stack like lego blocks. I plan to glue them dry then, cure them for maybe a month or two. I found many product that could do...
  6. AquaNerd

    Stax is a new concept in aquascaping

    To learn more about Stax, please visit our blog article. http://aquanerd.com/2017/05/aquascaping-with-two-little-fishies-stax-rocks.html