1. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  2. Louiemiller9

    Ohio WTB Sps coral colonies and elegance corals.

    Does anyone have any for sale?
  3. BReefer13

    Georgia Live Goods ASD Rainbow Millie, TGC Cherry Bomb, UC Dipping Dots, and CB Flaming Unicorn

    Hello all, I have some SPS to sell - see below please. Price does NOT include shipping, willing to make pack deals. Standard 2hr DOA policy. ASD Rainbow Milepora #1 (1.5 inches tall) - $85.00 #2 (1 inch tall) - $75.00 #3 (1.25 inches tall) - $80.00 #4 (1 inch tall) - $75.00 TGC Cherry...
  4. JonEB

    Colorado Live Goods SPS and Softies Sale, Shipping Available

    Sticks and softies fragged and need a new home! Help me out here not asking much- shipping available. Mother colonies are pictured as well as some frags.
  5. T

    Tube thing with green tentacles ID

    Just noticed these things and I am not sure if they are feather dusters, vermetid snails, some kind of aiptasia or something else. I recently moved this tank to another state, but nothing new has gone into the tank. Please help
  6. Queen City Corals

    What's a better way to kick off the weekend than with new corals?!?!?!?

    New unique Vivida Blastos are here! including this Dark Matter Blasto, Black Widow Blasto, Bioactive Blasto, and more! Plus we have an exclusive 15% off coupon code for Reef2Reef visitors! Just use code QUICK15 at checkout for 15% off your order! But act fast because this coupon expires this...


    Some people were curious and I think it's safe to say that yup, there will be a couple... [VIEW OUR LIVE SALE THEAD HERE] Featuring: BK Chem Fruit Loops SC Orange Passion Reeftide's Yellow Jacket Reeftide's God of War Reeftide's Tequila Sunrise SBB Rainbow Tenuis Reeftide's Venom...

    REEFTIDE's Acro Collection( Photo HEAVY)

    TGC Kachow ReefTide's Tequila Sunrise ReefTide's Grizzly Mili
  9. Sakudo4

    California More sticks to move.. Fs

    Reefers I have some more sticks available: 1. No name tenuis. 15$ 2. Red robin. 15$ 3. Bubblegum digi. 15$ 4. Setosa. 10$ 5. Garf bonsai. 10$ 6. Pc Rainbow. 30$ 7. No name acro 10$ 8. No name acro. 15$ 9. Tubb Stelllata. 10$ 10. No name tenuis 15$ 11. No name tenuis...
  10. Man908


  11. Sakudo4

    California Few SPS f/s

    Few sps available in Anaheim 1. Rr aussie gold acro 20$ 2. Tubb Stelllata 20$ 3. Green stylo. 20$ 4. Red robin. 15$ 5. Purple stylo. 20$ 6. Rainbow monti. 15$ 7. Pink Cadillac. 15$
  12. Man908

    New Jersey One SPS frag pack

    SPS FRAG PACK - $200 (Pickup Only) From left to right Wild Aussie Acro WWC Yellow Tip WWC Aussie Toxic Slimmer ORA Red Planet Jason Fox NaNa Forest Fire Digitata Montipora
  13. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin WTB WTB Acro colonies!!!

    Looking for any healthy and decently colorfull acro colonies! PM
  14. BReefer13

    Georgia High End Duo $380 Shipped

    Hello everyone, I have these two colonies that I have been culturing for awhile and can finally make some frags off of them. I am asking $380 shipped, frags will be 3/4" to 1" and will need at least one week for healing. Let me know if any questions :) I call this Infatuation And this...
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    New Sticks On

    We have a gorgeous new update on right now!
  16. YourReef

    Amazing Aussie Acropora- Available now!

    We just updated the website last night with the Aussie Acropora currently in stock. Get your orders in for ship out first thing next week (no shipping on Monday due to the holiday)! We will be shipping on Tuesday & possibly Wednesday before we head out to MACNA in Vegas! Click the photo...
  17. Jeremy K.A.

    "Easiest" Acros

    I've been working on maintaining stable parameters, particularly Salinity, PH, Calcium and Alkalinity, and have been doing quite well with ups finally such as multiple montiporas, pavona, pocillopora and one acro until it fell. That being said I'd like to get some more acros and am curious which...
  18. SPS Spotlight: “Pearlberry” – Beautiful, Mysterious, And Finicky

    SPS Spotlight: “Pearlberry” – Beautiful, Mysterious, And Finicky

    The Pearlberry is one of those corals that most people look at and think “It’s soooo beautiful – I’m going to try my hand at keeping SPS!” For sure, this is an inspiring coral – it is one of the most spectacular corals in our system, and we sure do love to stare at it. But as most SPS keepers...
  19. Acropora Secale: The Buff Beauty

    Acropora Secale: The Buff Beauty

    Acropora secale is buff. It works out. Not like a “10 minutes on the treadmill” kind of work out, either. This coral is one of the most dense that I have ever kept in my system. It is a high-energy, high-output kind of coral. It obviously loves to consume high amounts of calcium and other ions...
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