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    California Aquariums Sumps 100 gal IM EXT Rimless tank stand and sump for sale

    Recently upgraded to a custom CDA 225g Selling my 100 g IM EXT Rimless tank with custom stand and bashea smart sump. All purchased new just over a year ago. Includes all plumbing. Tank is empty and ready to go. I’m located in NorCal. Solano county close to Bay Area. Asking 1500$ for setup...
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    California Aquariums Sumps Package Deal SELLING TANK- SUMP and STAND

    Hello, I am upgrading my tank in the next month and will have this set up available for sale. Only thing I am selling is the Tank The stand and the sump. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. My wife bought me a custom 225g so that’s the only reason why I’m selling this set up...
  3. waverider

    North Carolina Filters Sumps Trigger Systems Saphire 26 Sump *Like New*

    Trigger Systems Saphire 26 Adjustable Sump in *Like New* condition for sale. I bought this sump for a Tank that was not reef ready. I installed a hang on back overflow and within 10 minutes I could not trust the siphon or stand the gushing water sound in my office. I literally pulled this sump...