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Feb 18, 2019
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I am upgrading my tank in the next month and will have this set up available for sale. Only thing I am selling is the Tank
The stand and the sump. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. My wife bought me a custom 225g so that’s the only reason why I’m selling this set up.
Tank is 100 gallon innovative marine
Ext overflow. 48 inches legth by 24 wide and 20 inches tall rimless.
Sump is a Bashea smart sump 30x15x16
Stand is a custom built stand.
Tank is fully plumbed with unions so it can be broken down and won’t have to redo any plumbing.
I know it’s a bit early but I should have my new tank up in the next week or 2 so wanted to put this out there.
I’m located within a hour of the Bay Area in North California.
Asking price 1500$ for setup
Text me for faster response.


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RAP Orlando
RAP Orlando

Are your corals ever subjected to the open air with no water for water changes or tank maintenance?

  • Yes and I wish I had planned my aquascape better

    Votes: 29 11.2%
  • Yes even though I planned my aquascape for the possibilty

    Votes: 77 29.6%
  • No as I planned for this not to happen

    Votes: 63 24.2%
  • No not yet and I haven't planned for it

    Votes: 72 27.7%
  • Other (please explain in the thread)

    Votes: 19 7.3%