tank and stand for sale

  1. P

    California Aquariums Sumps 100 gal IM EXT Rimless tank stand and sump for sale

    Recently upgraded to a custom CDA 225g Selling my 100 g IM EXT Rimless tank with custom stand and bashea smart sump. All purchased new just over a year ago. Includes all plumbing. Tank is empty and ready to go. I’m located in NorCal. Solano county close to Bay Area. Asking 1500$ for setup...
  2. P

    100gallon IM Tank sump and stand for sale

    Hey guys. My wife recently got me a custom CDA 225 gallon tank and I am selling my my recent setup which is a 100 gallon rimless IM EXT tank. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. I just switch it over to my new 225 and it is ready to go. The tank has a custom build stand and a...
  3. P

    California Aquariums Sumps Package Deal SELLING TANK- SUMP and STAND

    Hello, I am upgrading my tank in the next month and will have this set up available for sale. Only thing I am selling is the Tank The stand and the sump. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. My wife bought me a custom 225g so that’s the only reason why I’m selling this set up...
  4. wowatracy

    California Aquariums LED Package Deal SOLD Custom Bar Tank For Sale

    Final attempt to sell my reef tank aquarium bar I built. Fish, corals, and sand are not included. Tank is empty, has been cleaned, and is ready for you to fill. I really hate selling this amazing conversation piece but I need the room for my baby daughter. Around $3,000 worth included. Selling...
  5. mcshams

    California Aquariums 40g CUBE Innovative Marine FULL set up.

    We purchased this used from another R2R member and we used it as a Nem tank for 5-6 months. We replaced all bulkheads upon receiving it. Included or WHAT YOU GET: -40g Innovative Marine tank with factory tint back wall. Low-Iron Glass -Eshopps ECLIPSE Large Overflow Box -EcoTech Marine Vectra...
  6. porterreef

    Arkansas Aquariums Package Deal 190 Rimless

    Selling a 190 gallon rimless Aquarium. This tank was custom built form Glass cages and has dimensions of 48" Long, 37" Wide, and 24" Tall. This tank has a coast to coast external overflow with 2x 1.5" drains. Tank also has a floating bottom which is black with black silicone on all seams. This...
  7. MSOEME2009

    Tennessee Full Tank Breakdown

    Update for everyone: Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold MP10 Wet Side - Sold Neptune Apex PMUP - Sold Neptune Apex WXM - Sold Neptune Apex DOS - Sold Neptune Apex 2016 W/Calibration Fluids & Probe Holder - Sold Neptune Apex Kessil Control Cables - Sold Kessil A160WE - Sold Kessil...

    Illinois 93 Marineland and stand Chicago

    This 93 gallon reef tank is for sale in SW Chicago suburb. The tank is still up and running but I’m looking to give it a good home at a steal of a price. No delivery. You must pick it up and move it. Only Tank and stand are for sale and will negotiate on live rock. I am moving and hoping to...
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