1. D

    Recommended wavemaker and light for dropoff tank?

    I am currently ordering a custom made drop-off tank 100cm long 40cm short part 60cm for the deeper part and 35 for the depth (not the exact dimension because the one who made the aquarium might tinker with it a bit but roughly that size) which would be around 50-60 gallons? I'm looking for a...
  2. Y

    Is a saltwater aquarium right for me?

    Hey all, so I need a bit of advice. I’ve been on the fence for ages about setting up my own 30g clownfish and nem aquarium. I’m a huge lover of the ocean, and especially clownfish and this has always been a dream of mine to do!! however, I am quite scared. it sounds silly, but after reading...
  3. Y

    Size tank help for clowns

    Hey everyone! so I’ve been looking at tanks for the two clownfish and nem I’m going to put into this 120Litre/32~ gallon tank. https://aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/aquariums/minireef-2/item/3381-53419wh I just want to seek advice regarding whether this will be of the...
  4. K

    Stock list suggestions

    Hello, I'm in the process of reviving my old fowlr tank and trying to convert it to a reef tank. I see the general consensus is to now ignore the old "inch per gallon" rule when it comes to stocking the tank, so what is a realistic stock list of forgiving and hardy fish/corals/inverts for my...
  5. K

    Looking for stock list suggestions for my tank

    Hello, I'm in the process of reviving my old fowlr tank and trying to convert it to a reef tank. I see the general consensus is to now ignore the old "inch per gallon" rule when it comes to stocking the tank, so what is a realistic stock list of forgiving and hardy fish/corals/inverts for my...
  6. zatch

    Custom Acrylic Tank Builders?

    Looking at doing a custom acrylic tank on a future build, but having a doozy of a time finding tank builders online... Those of you with custom acrylic tanks (that you're happy with) - who did you use? (website would also be helpful!)
  7. K

    Should I add start up bacteria?

    Hello, a few days ago I posted a thread asking how to revive my neglected aquarium. You guys all had such good advice and with some additional tips from my local LFS I am now heading the right direction again with the tank. Just to quickly recap I left my 54 gallon corner in my basement...
  8. Djalexchang

    Florida Aquariums Nuvo 40 setup

    Selling a nuvo 40. Includes tank, stand, 2 Intank media baskets, mighty jet return pump, nuvo skim skimmer, and Clearview screen. Located in the Orlando area Price is $400 *Will be taking down and cleaning this week*
  9. Y

    clowns without a nem

    Hey all! I'm fairly new to this hobby, and have a question. For reference sake, I'll be using the AquaOne Mini Reef 120Litre tank. I've been looking at getting two clownfish, but have been thinking maybe only getting one and then a buddy fish they get along with well. Anyone recommend a fish...
  10. Y

    Help with a clown and nem tank

    Hey everyone! I need a bit of help choosing the correct tank size for my ocellaris clownfish. I’ve got the options to pick between a 96Litre (25G US) and a 120L (31G US) tank. I’d normally always go the bigger sized tank, but I’ve found an amazing deal on some new preowned equipment which...
  11. P

    California Aquariums Sumps Package Deal SELLING TANK- SUMP and STAND

    Hello, I am upgrading my tank in the next month and will have this set up available for sale. Only thing I am selling is the Tank The stand and the sump. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. My wife bought me a custom 225g so that’s the only reason why I’m selling this set up...
  12. Getting the seahorse tank ready!

    Getting the seahorse tank ready!

    This is my tank for my 2 dwarf seahorses that I will be getting later this week! I am super excited to get them, along with 1 lettuce sea slug! :D
  13. R

    Wanted: Frag tank 72x24x12-18"

    I am in search of a frag tank that is 72Lx24Wx12-18"H. Wasn't sure where to post this, Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. If anyone has any leads on any used tanks that would fit this size or if anyone could point me in the right direction for a good deal on one please let me...
  14. MrBubble47

    Build Thread 62 gallon tank started 01/07/2021

    Hello everyone, i want to show you my new tank and equipment. - Aquatlantis 250 liters - Skimmer Deltec: 600i - Return pump: Blau Aquaristik Reef Motion 2.3KDC - Heater: NEWA VTX 400 W - Sand: 18kg ATI Fiji White Sand - Rocks: 20kg D-D Aquascape Natural Aquarium Rock - Salt: Instant Ocean...
  15. wowatracy

    California Aquariums LED Package Deal SOLD Custom Bar Tank For Sale

    Final attempt to sell my reef tank aquarium bar I built. Fish, corals, and sand are not included. Tank is empty, has been cleaned, and is ready for you to fill. I really hate selling this amazing conversation piece but I need the room for my baby daughter. Around $3,000 worth included. Selling...
  16. B79C1BC8-DD31-4B34-A621-58D61F568669.jpeg


    Nuvo 40 actinic light on ATI
  17. zatch

    Lets see your homemade stands

    Going through my phones gallery, I noticed that I have built quite a few stands :D Thought it would be nice to see what other people have been building lately for some future project inspiration! Here's a few I've completed (most of them for others) Show us what you've built! A Maple 35 Gal...
  18. reefpizza

    Build Thread 100G ReefPizza SPS tank

    Hi everyone! Feel pumped! Here is the tank 120x60x55. Clarisea 5000, powerfilter tunze 1605 and a DIY skimmer. Light 4x noopsyche + 2x54w t5 Ati Coral Plus Movement 4x Tunze 6095 with controller 7095. Extra bio media in the sump, 20kg of death rocks DD + 5kg of fiji live rocks, 10kg of sand...
  19. swsmith

    Georgia Aquariums Skimmers SOLD “Baby on the Way” Sale - Monster Skimmers, Tanks, Reactors, more

    The time has finally come. Baby is on the way and I need to downsize to one tank. My loss is your gain. All items OBO. Can ship smaller things. Located in Woodstock, GA, for larger items. Here’s the full list (ask questions/for pics): MTC ProCal Reactor (used. Needs some TLC. $200 BRS jumbo...
  20. Boostable

    Florida Aquariums Skimmers Nuvo 40 Setup

    Nuvo 40 Setup - Tank, Stand, Pump, Two Filter Baskets, Sock Filter and Skimmer. Cleaned up and ready to go. Even have a bag of sand you can have with the setup. Located in Lake Mary / Sanford area.
  21. FlowGod

    Hello Hello. Here is my journey.

    Hello, My name is Seth. I am 20 years old and have actually been on R2R for a while but have never made a tank post or really said anything about my tanks. I currently have a Waterbox 100.3. This is my 5th tank and I hope to keep it for a long time. I have been in the hobby for 3 years now. I...
  22. M

    Large Build Marks_Reef SPS dominant tank (hopefully)

    Tank Specifications Fish Tank Fabrications Tank - Steel Stand. Tank Dimensions: 72" (L) X 26" (W) X 26" (H) Sump Dimensions: 48" (L) X 20" (W) X 18" (H) Tank Volume: 800L Sump Volume: 150L Return Pumps: Ecotech Vectra M1, Jebao DCP10000 Skimmer: Reef Octopus Regal 200s Pumps: Tunze 6105 x 4...
  23. Oscar’s25Gal

    A huge update on my fish journey...

    Hello guys! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on here :) Last time I was on here, I had a 25 gallon fish tank (hence the name haha) however in July i got my dream tank. A 450 litre / 120 gallon fish tank! It’s been running very smoothly, and I cycled it for 5 weeks before buying fish...
  24. mcshams

    California Aquariums 40g CUBE Innovative Marine FULL set up.

    We purchased this used from another R2R member and we used it as a Nem tank for 5-6 months. We replaced all bulkheads upon receiving it. Included or WHAT YOU GET: -40g Innovative Marine tank with factory tint back wall. Low-Iron Glass -Eshopps ECLIPSE Large Overflow Box -EcoTech Marine Vectra...
  25. Rockhead

    Illinois WTB Piping parts for reefer 425xl

    Looking for a replacement drain valve assembly for my reefer 425xl please send pics if you have anything. thank you Tom
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