1. H

    New Jersey WTB Selling my Fluval 13.5 complete tank

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Fluval 13.5 Complete Kit which includes tank, lighting, powerhead, heater, filter, protein skimmer and more. Also, I'm selling the live rock that is in the tank. I'm upgrading to a 30g tank. Images attached.
  2. Freakmachine01

    Build Thread Mikey's Dream 120 gal mixed reef.

    Hello my name is Mikey and I decided to give a build thread a go. I actually started this tank just a little over 1 year ago but since then I have made many upgrades and have been very fortunate. Over the past year I have started with nothing and have added over $10,000 worth of coral and fish...
  3. tech_reefer

    EMERGENCY Is my tank crashing? help!

    Hi All I’m panicking because I lost corals and two anemones. My tank has been running for about 8 months now. I check my parameters and they are the following Ammonia- 0 Nitrate - 2 salifer test - 0.3 Hanna checker high range phosphate- 0.03 alkalinity - 7.3 I usually do a water change ever...
  4. REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    R2R Username: @charliethetuna Build Thread: My 400 Introduction: Hi my R2R family. It's an honor to be asked by [email protected] to be featured as tank of the month for October. My name is Charlie Pace. My handle name is charliethetuna on R2R and on Instagram. I am 43 years old and grew up in...
  5. F

    California WTB TANK BREAK DOWN

    Hi guys im selling a Red Sea reefer 350 for 4,500 it comes with everything but the livestock Recently its been really hard for me to find time to maintain the tank and thin it can go to someone who will make wonders with it. its hard plumbed with unions for easy access. includes 2 Hydra 26...
  6. Sakudo4

    Co2 tank fs

    20 lb co2 tank about 3/4 full that doesn't fit in my cabinet Located in Anaheim Asking 75$
  7. Victory652

    Building frame for 125 gal tank

    Hello Everyone! I am looking at building a frame for my 125gal tank. I am looking for ideas on the best way to design the front of the tank for accessibility and function. My current plan is to have a metal base frame then adding wood around it for looks and function. Tell me you ideas or what...
  8. O

    California WTB IM 30 Nuvo Lagoon

    Just wanted to see if anyone selling nuvo 30L fusion before I decide to buy it online thanks for looking
  9. AquaDaddy

    For sale Brand New just built 400 Gallon Gorgeous tank

    108" x 30" x 30" aquarium made 3/4" annealed with 3 sides being annealed starfire glass. Full floating bottom bracing. Top 4 inch euro braces and three 6 inch cross braces. 16 inch notch cut into the back panel leading to a 24 x 6 x 8.375 external overflow box made out of 3/8 annealed glass...
  10. JamieTotten1996

    How do I clean this?

    How do I clean this white stuff from the back of my tank? It’s really hard to get of, before I set the tank up I jet washed it, I scrubbed it, I used a knife and a razor and nothing worked!! So I gave up and set up regardless because I was told it’s harmless but now I’m curious if there was ever...
  11. S

    Marine aquarium driving me round the bend!

    Myself and my fiancé got our first saltwater marine aquarium last May 2020 in lockdown as we had always spoken about one. We did loads of research and got a 240L juwel rio, it has the 2 power heads, filter & protein skimmer. Currently in the tank is live rock, live sand, 1 x blue tang, 2 x clown...
  12. I

    New Jersey Reefer 170 full setup

    Hi all, My parents will be moving long distance soon and needing to find a new home for their reefer 170 deluxe setup. Located cedar knolls NJ 07927 Tank with black stand, reefled light, custom clear view acrylic lid, tunze auto top off and acrylic reservoir, skimmer, light, mp10...
  13. Y

    Storing an Aquarium

    Hey all!! So I currently have an empty Red Sea Max Nano sitting in my room with some dry rock already scaped in it. It’s currently sitting there empty only because I’m moving in with my partner in 6 months, so I figured better to wait until then to set it up! So my question is, is the tank...
  14. Y

    Storing an Aquarium

    Hey all!! So I currently have an empty Red Sea Max Nano sitting in my room with some dry rock already scaped in it. It’s currently sitting there empty only because I’m moving in with my partner in 6 months, so I figured better to wait until then to set it up! So my question is, is the tank...
  15. Z

    Looking to setup/buy a silent tank. Is this possible and what equipment would I need?

    I'm looking to setup a silent reef tank since it will be in the same room as I work and can't focus which noise. I'm looking to put together a reef tank that's 40-50 gallons. I would prefer something affordable (Maybe up to $500ish or less?) that's complete if possible. I've been told to get...
  16. S

    Aquatic life reverse osmosis

    Hello, who sell reverse osmosis of aquatic life, 100 gpd?
  17. Foggy Pirate

    Help is this glass or acrylic…..

    Hey everyone. Got a free tank today so I wasent going to pass it up. However the person I got it from knew nothing about it. Is this glass or acrylic? Iv read some forums and it seems to be panels silicones together and has a rim around it which makes me think glass but when I tap on it it...
  18. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Are these params good?

    I have a 125g aquarium, with a fluval fx4. It has a carbon filter, some filter floss(mostly for catching the diatoms), and seachem matrix media. I have a Coralife 125g protein skimmer that still has microbubbles for about a month now and it is pretty loud, but does produce skimmate. I have some...
  19. musaabi

    California Redsea reefer 300xl

    Looking to sell my redsea 300xl. Tank is less than 6 months(got it in February). Great condition, no scratches, no issues, clean and well kept. I’m only selling because I’m relocating and moving the tank would be a lot of work. I’m not selling the lights or the pumps since I’m going to use them...
  20. ChicagoShoop

    Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Wisconsin New Custom Planet Aquarium 240gal- $3000 obo

    I ordered a 240 gal custom planet aquarium through a LFS and had some unexpected financial things come up that will not allow me to start this dream build of mine. The tank is 96"x 24"x 24" and will have 2 external side overflows and a total of 3 drains. The rest of the items that were going to...
  21. Y

    New aquascape, chasing opinions

    This is my current aqua scape I’m looking at keeping for my tank. Tank will be mainly for 2 clowns, softies, maybe SPS down the track and definitely an anemone once the tank is mature. Anyone have any suggestions or improvements for what I’ve got currently? Ignore the little coral skeleton at...
  22. CaliDanhReef

    Build Thread CaliDanhReef’s RSR250

    05/31/2021 Transferred 36gal bow front into 55 gal display 20 gal sump Red Sea Reefer 250. Was able to get rsr250 for a sweet deal and couldn’t the opportunity Livestock 1 foxface 2 black storm clownfish paired 1 mandarin dragonett 1 blue star wrasse 1 lyretail anthias 1 firefish 10 hermit...
  23. CaliDanhReef

    California WTB WTB Red Sea Reefer 250 Bay Area

    Looking for a used Red Sea Reefer 250 for 800. Located in Bay Area or within 1 hour drive of San Jose. PM please
  24. K

    whole( system) reef tank for sale! MAKE OFFER MOVING MUST SELL!

    Had this tank setup going on 7 years,great set up with the refugium in the basement makes it so much easier to maintain.but if you dont have a basement i have the sump that goes under the tank to.if your interested send me an email and we'll talk.:)
  25. Y

    Powerhead recommendations

    Hey all, so I’m slowly in the process of piecing together my nano reef. I’ve got a Red Sea Max nano, it’s about 75L/20G, with 62L in the display, and 13 in the AIO sump. I’m looking to buy a powerhead that’ll provide adequate flow for my tank, but I’m hoping to find something that is wireless...
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