1. johntdaballa

    Texas Aquariums Aquarium Controller Powerheads UV getting out of hobby (Houston)

    Price is 5000 OBO and includes everything. Not interested in parting out All livestock, rock, sand. Reefer 625XXL Neptune Apex System Neptune ATK Neptune Cor15 2- Neptune WAV 2- Icecap Gyre Wavemakers 4- Cobalt Neotherm heaters 3- Ai 26 Hydra 1- Corallife UV sterilizer 1- RedSea 300 Skimmer 1-...
  2. g.knight

    Uniquarium Information for a Noob

    Hey, everyone. I am BRAND NEW to the hobby. So new in fact I currently don’t even have my first saltwater tank. However, I plan on starting that up this week. Since I’ve watched 100% of Mark Callahan’s videos on setting up tanks for beginners, I feel confident that my first tank will be a...
  3. P

    Perfect reef tank hight? (with stand)

    Hello guys! I am planning my reef tank atm and can't decide on the hight of the tank+stand. What do you guys have in your tanks? As example: Red Sea Reefer 350 is 140cm tall Red Sea Reefer 625 is 148 cm tall Red Sea Penisula 650 is 160cm tall
  4. habavonc

    California Aquariums Return Pumps Sumps 40g tank with cabinet and the M1 return pump

    40g innovative Marine tank ($220) with factory tinted back wall Added Eshopps ECLIPSE L OVERFLOW BOX ($160) And EcoTech Marine VECTRA M1 DC RETURN PUMP ($375) Custom sump ($60) Custom Black cabinet ($260) Custom plumbing ($300) Paid Total of $1375 I’m getting out of the hobby for now...
  5. ecexotics

    successfully bred dalmatian mollies in my frag tank

    i've had 3 dalmatian mollies for algae control in my frag tank for a while. always fat and happy on lrs reef frenzy lol. i always run the moon cycles on my radions so they are changing moon cycles every night so i attest that to my success with the breeding. can't wait to have mollies to share !
  6. Carebearsss.x

    Fairy new to Saltwater, setting up 75gallon

    Hello everyone!!! How’s your quarantine going??? My names Caroline & my boyfriend and I are setting up a 75Gallon tank. We were wondering if there are any kind of Tang that we could put in the 75? I know that most of them require 100+Gallons .. but I really want one!! Also any other...
  7. Manda0597

    Build Thread Unique Tanks

    Does anyone have some unique tank pics they want to share? One of my goals is to one day have either a kitchen island aquarium or an aquarium in the wall as a "divider wall" between kitchen/dining room/living room or something of that nature. Also super into Cylinder Tanks! I'd love to see your...
  8. Ashv5

    Extreme Algae

    Hey guys, So ever since this pandemic, I haven't had access to quality filtered RODI water and instead, I've been using Brita filtered water to top up my system. I have had an algae explosion and I don't know where to begin and how to clean this up. I was planning on upgrading my system this...
  9. Mav2

    “New” RedSea Reefers

    If you could design a “new” series of tanks for the RedSea Reefer series, what would they look like and what features would they incorporate?
  10. alimac122

    Tell me to quit messing with my tank

    Okay. As EVERYONE of us is stuck at home and MANY of us have started a new project. I built my tank last week and got it salted and seeded on thursday. I was ALMOST finished cycling on Monday. Then i added more raw meat and the chems screwed up again. Which just means more bacteria so not...
  11. Perpetual Novice

    Need advice: Temporarily "abandoning" a simple nano tank in NYC.

    I always seem to post on behalf of my friend in NYC who is a passionate and extreemly enthusiastic novice in the hobby. His job has insane (I suspect technically illegal) hours and leaves him almost no free time. but what time he has is hevily donated to his 4 month old fluval sea evo 13.5...
  12. D

    Please critic my stocking list

    So from my previous thread you can see that ive been having a really bad aiptasia problem and had to restart my tank. This tank’s specs are: - dimensions: 81 x 26 x 24” - 210 gallons - sump is 3/4 of the tank. - 50 gal fuge (just in case) - over qualified skimmer - sulfur reactor - media reactor...
  13. Gorgar

    New 220g build

    Hi everyone!! I recently (ish) acquired my first tank a 220g! (Yeah I know big head first dive into the hobby) but I've always wanted to get into it and since purchasing my home and on my final deployment I feel I can finally pick up the hobby!!! So with that being said I've done a lot of...
  14. ReeferWarrant

    Resealing a Tank

    So I found a tank with a leak for sale, and if it works it's an upgrade from my current setup. Anyone have experience resealing tanks? The leak is at the base of the tank in a corner. I've watched YouTube videos on how to reseal and it doesn't look too difficult. Just hesitant to risk a...
  15. MontanaReefer406

    Tell me about your tank...

    Yesterday my first reef tank turned a year old. It's a 20 gal hex, low tech tank. Had some road bumps but I figured a huge success for a newbie. Over the year, I learned when to intervene and when to leave the tank alone. How old are your tanks? And what valuable lessons have you learned over...
  16. KeyloBeatz

    Hello New to Reef2Reef

    Hi My names Kyle I’m new to the Reef forum been in the hobby for about 12 years with a lot of ups and down’s but I’ve come a long way since the beginning been putting a lot of time and effort into my Tank and trying to network with more people in the hobby.I live in a super tiny Town in...
  17. Jonathan Nelson

    Indiana Red Sea Reefer 425XL - Getting out of the hobby! :(

    Red Sea Reefer 425XL (adapted for 1” blue pvc and true union ball valves, several extra valves and extra fittings) Ecotech Votech MP40’s Ecotech XR30 G4 Pros w/mounts Ecotech Vectra L1 Ecotech Reeflink Apex Classic gen1 (few modules for pumps and ph etc) Small Geos Reef calcium reactor Tunze...
  18. Tans Reef

    Build Thread The bar tank!

    It’s finally going down.. my.. sorta dream build. I acquired a 120 gallon tank back in 2011. Complete with stand, canopy, sump and some radion gen 1’s. Got it home and decided.. I didn’t wanna use the stand.. or the lights.. or the sump lol.. I just for some odd reason absolutely love the...
  19. Angelo Fatica

    Build Thread My 25 Gallon Build Thread

    Hello all! Recently I've noticed that my current tank has started to get air in the silicone seals and I figured that maybe a tank upgrade would be appropriate. I want to do things right this time. I am going to be upgrading from an IM Nuvo 20 to a Lagoon 25. Since I did not have enough pictures...
  20. D

    Georgia Wtb 50 gal lowboy

    Anyone in or near GA selling a 50 gallon lowboy frag tank?
  21. Angelo Fatica

    AIO Build 20-30 Gallon AIO Upgrade Suggestions

    Hello all, I have a Nuvo Fusion 20 that has started to get air in the silicone seals in various spots around the tank. The tank itself is about 4 years old and has seen many different tank scapes and environment types. I was looking at switching it out with another tank, but I am unsure if I...
  22. DQM5

    Build Thread 50 SCA TO 90 LEEMAR MIX REEF

    Hi guys, doing another transfer probably my last tank till I purchased a home. I got myself a used Leemar tank dimension is 48LW18H24. Which is 90 Gallon with left corner overflow.
  23. Perpetual Novice

    Can xenia keep my nutrients down?

    I have one tank with lots of xenia growing all over that I have to regularly prune and another tank with no xenia. The tank with the xenia consistently has lower nitrates than the one without. It also seems to require much less maintenance. Is the xenia consuming the nutrients in my tank an they...
  24. jRatanak

    Transferring livestock to a new tank

    So I ordered a new nano tank during these weekend sales which I plan on using as a spot to separate out my softies and some LPS from my main system. I've had media sitting in the current system (a Nuvo 40 Fusion) that I plan to use in the new nano, and I'll be transferring the softies I have...
  25. Art Calde

    Florida Trading Sunburst Bounce and Sunkist Bounce

    Trading BigR Sunburst Bounce and/or Sunkist Bounce for other Bounce mushroom or nice torch. Let me know if you’re interested and what you have to trade. Thank you! Located in Florida.