tank lid

  1. N

    fluval spec 60 light upgrades ?!

    Not too sure if I have put this in the right forum but here goes: I own a fluval spec 60, similar to the fluval sea evo however it is slightly taller therefore has a more (and I mean about 8 lol) litres. Also the evo has a much better light. it is newly setup, and I’m already scratching my...
  2. Bmartinez76

    Florida Top lids Aquarium lid for Nuvo 30 all in one

    Selling a custom top lids screen cover for nuvo all in one 30 gallon tank. Has afs cutout in middle back section and cord cutouts on the sides, and a center feed door. asking $230 shipped.
  3. FLSharkvictim

    What is everyone's choice for mesh lids for your tanks?

    I am getting ready to set up my Rimless SCA150 which will be running a Synergy 20'' External Overflow box and a pair of Orphek Compacts Gen 2 lights! i am looking for some protection since I will be floating my canopy... Would like to get you thoughts and some pictures of how you all cover your...
  4. Finatik

    Reef Tops VS Top Lids - Which is the Best Tank Lid ???

    REEF TOPS - VS - TOP LIDS: Looking for a quality tank lid for my tanks. Has anyone had any experience(s) with either of these lid companies ??? If so, please share your experience(s) and opinions of their products. And if you are using one of these lids, please post a pic and the size of...
  5. potatocouch

    Fly screen mesh for tank lid (cover)

    Has anyone experienced using fly screen mesh to cover your tank? Any issue with light penetration or oxygen exchange or any other issue in that matter?
  6. Finatik

    Which Mesh Lids let the Most Light Through ???

    Trying to find a lid to go on my soon to start 120 gallon build. Don't want to go completely topless as I want to avoid loosing any jumpers or escape artists (like eels) . This will be a mixed reef so along with keeping my fish drom jumping out, I want to make sure enough light gets in, to...