tank rescue

  1. d3ro

    What’s this white stuff?

    I got some secondhand corals and I’m trying to clean them up. Are the white tubes anything to worry about? I know the brown tubes are feather worms. Backstory: Yesterday I bought a tank and I didn’t realize it still had fish and corals in it. The tank was nasty and very under maintained. I...
  2. BeardedDragon21

    Build Thread Dream Tank- Overhaul of 75gal

    Hello All! I can't wait to get a little more involved in the community. Buckle up this is somewhat of a long post but I am seeking advice in the last paragraph if you would like to jump ahead. Starting off I would like to introduce myself. I am a Marine Biologist and had originally hoped to...
  3. J

    Operation Save A Tank

    So here we go... I bought a 40gal Aqua Top off Craiglist that was in bad shape that has only been running for 3 months. The tank was full of algae so bad you couldn't even see the fish. There was a mix of rock in there to include some weird freshwater fake rock and sculptures. Hidden behind one...