1. S

    Test kits!?! What do I need?

    Hi! So this is a weird question as I have had my tank set up for over a year now and I wasn’t the one doing the weekly maintenance, things have changed and I am now determined to do it on my own! I need help with a few questions before I buy some testers! I have seen Hanna testers and I was...
  2. ELOSAmerica

    Do you hate doing the tests on your reef tank ?

    Do you hate doing the tests on your reef tank ? checkout what Tristian's Reef think about ELOS Water Test kit NIST certified .... Click on the picture . . . . . #ELOS #ELOSAmerica #Aquaroche #marinepure #120Diamondline #testkit #nutrimentissue #saltwateraquarium #reefing
  3. Somuchflo99

    I’ll show u mine ...

    Bored and have a challenge show me ur test results !!!!!
  4. Hanna Instruments

    8 Checker Best Practices

    8 Best Practices for Using Your Hanna Marine Checker Testing the levels with your Checker – like alkalinity, calcium, nitrite and more – may seem to be a cut-and-dry process, but there are a lot of small things that can happen during testing which negatively impact your results. Follow these...