tissue necrosis

  1. JadeM

    What is eating my leather toadstool coral (sarcophyton)?

    Hi reefers I’ve had this particular coral in my coral QT system for about three weeks now. At first I saw some tissue loss and damage and thought it was due to nearby coral stinging it, however the damage has become almost like tissue necrosis and is being eaten away by “something” at first the...
  2. F

    Help! My Cynarina is growing dark flesh. Is it necrotic? What should I do?

    As far as I can tell, my cynarina is growing some sort of dark flesh, see the photo. I know my nitrates and phosphates are a little low for LPS but I've been struggling to keep them up, I think I need more fish (I only have 2 in my 32.5 gallon). I dose NeoPhos and NeoNitro, but apparently I need...
  3. MrStoffel

    RTN chain event, losing acro after acro

    Hi All, I don't post on reef2reef all that often since i am also active on a country specific forum, but i do read a lot on reef2reef. I am a long time SPS keeper (20 years now), but am currently facing something i have never seen before. First some background information about the system: The...
  4. ReefBud508

    Help corals dying?

    So i have a reef tank mixed softies sps....lps.....i having a issue now all the corals that are dying have been in this tank for 6 months or longer first my birds nest and stylo had necrosis now my blue ora chalice and a stunner has lost all its tissue underneath and now is bleaching out quickly...
  5. 0utworld

    Rainbow Crush Chalice Tissue Necrosis

    Hi all, I recently had a Rainbow Crush Chalice shipped to me and placed at a shaded area in my 20g tank, following the appropriate acclimation procedures. When it arrived, I noticed a bit of skeletal exposure that wasn't on the catalog image. But I just thought it was typical shipping stress...