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  1. L

    Hello Top shelf aquatics giveaway

    I have completed both of the requirements for the giveaway
  2. H

    Hello Giveaway

    I have completed all the steps and I am very excited for this giveaway. I hope my dreams of having my first tank come to reality. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.
  3. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely CRAZY LPS!!!

    Some of the nicest LPS pieces we have seen are hitting our site!! Definitely some show pieces. Check out the link below to see them or shoot us a message and we would be glad to help you out! See the TSA Vault HERE
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW LPS!!!

    We have some absolutely AMAZING pieces that hit our site. Make sure you head over and check them out. SEE THEM HERE
  5. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's Pre Black Friday Sale!! **BIGGEST DISCOUNTS OF THE YEAR** Over 4,000 Corals!!

    This weekend! Our biggest sale of the year will be going down. Over 4,000 corals will be dropping, spread across two days. Hands down the best time of the year to load up your tank! Why wait until Black Friday when you can get amazing deals during our sale. Along with slashed prices across the...
  6. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's Spooktacular Flash Sale **HUGE DISCOUNTS!!!** $1, $5, $10 and FREE FRAGS

    Join us this Monday for our Spooktacular Flash Sale! We will have tons of variety this sale! You definitely don't want to miss out on these Hauntingly good deals!
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    MUST HAVE Chalice!! TSA Raja in Pajamas

    We know there are some big time Chalice lovers out there. If that's you then our Raja in Pajamas is a must have for your collection! From it's vibrant green to the deep blue and bright yellow eyes, it is surely a Chalice that will stand out in your tank. This one is like a Convict Chalice, but...
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    This Bounce Mushroom is absolutely BONKERS!!

    One of the newest bounce shrooms to hit our farm. This one is definitely an eye catcher. It is like a Frankenstein, but on steroids! Not only does the skirt bubble up, but the centers get some awesome bounces as well! Truly a must have for you mushroom collectors out there! Snatch up a frag HERE
  9. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Mind Melt Monti

    What is better than a grafted Monti? How about a Triple Grafted Monti!! Out TSA Mind Melt Monti is definitely a labor of love. This one took quite some time to get all three colors to truly graft and blend in to each other. There was many failed attempts, but we finally got it right! We...
  10. TopShelfAquatics

    Where are the Scoly lovers at???

    These absolute gems just arrived! They will make a perfect addition to any scoly lovers tank! Hit us up with any questions.
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely INSANE LPS Hitting Our Site Soon!!

    Hands down some of the HOTTEST LPS pieces are going to be hitting our site soon! Make sure you keep an eye out. You definitely don't want to miss these! See our website: HERE
  12. TopShelfAquatics


    One of the newer additions here at the TSA farm, the TSA Forbidden Fruit Speciosa is proving to be one of our favorites! From it's teal/ green colored skin to its bright yellow corallites and stunning red polyps this is a must have for the ultimate SPS collection! These Speciosas proved to be a...
  13. nycfreshreef

    New Jersey Looking to purchase a Blue Tip Highlighter Goni Frag (neon green) goniopora , if anyone has one please let me know

    Hey guys I am looking for a blue tip highlighter Goni (neon green) There are many highlighter gonis , most are greenish yellow or yellow but there is a strain I had purchased from TSA before which is a pure neon green with blue tips Here are some ohotos If anyone has a medium size frag...
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    What's your favorite LPS corals?

    With all this crazy hype on the many types of LPS coral lately, we were wondering what is your favorite type of LPS coral and why? Do you like the flowyness of torch corals? Or maybe how nice and puffy Acanthos and other meaty types get. Do you find that some are more difficult to keep that...
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Fruity Pebbles

    One of our staple pieces here at the TSA farm. The TSA Fruity Pebbles was one of our earliest acro releases. With it's beautiful blue skin pink corallites, green, gold and red polyps it is sure to be a stand out piece in your collection. The Fruity Pebbles has proven to be a very hardy piece...
  16. ReeferMadness80G

    How long can you go?

    I work from home and it’s extremely hard not to check my tank every 10 minutes or’s not a bad thing but I’m checking for growth in sps like every 5 minutes haha! I’m sure my frags are getting bigger, but I don’t notice it! So I was like, let me challenge myself and see if I can not look...
  17. TopShelfAquatics


    Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned the TSA Coral Smack Down Champ?!? Well here is your chance to prove it! We teamed up with Reef Builders and some amazing sponsors to bring everyone this amazing contest. We're looking for all you stick heads out there who can compete against...
  18. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Master Blaster Chalice

    Here at Top Shelf Aquatics not only do we grow some pretty sweet sticks, we also have some awesome LPS pieces like this gem we call the Master Blaster Chalice. This piece always stands out to us, as it does not have the typical color pallet of other rainbow chalices. From the vibrant teal to the...
  19. B

    Minnesota Sold TSA Stan Lee large encrusted frag

    This is it. One of the most sought after high end corals! I'm getting out of the hobby and sadly saying goodbye to all my favorite pets :-( sad to see them all go but family and traveling are a great compromise to the hobby!! $600 shipped on this guy, its well encrusted also. Also attached is a...
  20. B

    Minnesota Sold TSA Rocky Balboa acro high end large chunk

    Getting out of the hobby and time to say goodbye :-( fully encrusted $525 shipped on this one
  21. B

    Minnesota Sold High End Acro Pack TGC Acrolandia, TSA Bubbleyum, and TSA The Fuzz $650

    Just putting together a small acro pack here with some really nice pieces. Unfortunately I'm getting out of the hobby and I'm trying to slowly sell out of the nicer corals I have. Will do $650 shipped for the whole pack. No trades please, just priced to sell! TSA Acrolandia TSA Bubbleyum TSA...
  22. B

    Minnesota Sold TSA Bubbleyum Acro Large chunk colony starter $425 shipped

    This is a beautiful coral which has grown quite Large! I have this chunk ready at the moment and more to come over the next few months as the colony continues to rapidly grow out! Colony picture is for reference only. TSA Bubbleyum $425 shipping included Colony under all blues (radions)...
  23. hardcoralsash

    TSA Pre Black Friday Sale Haul

    Show us what you picked up today during the sale!!!
  24. S

    Am I crazy or did I get duped by TSA

    Hello all first time posting here, SO....I went to purchase some corals on Cyber Monday from Top Shelf Aquatics. This is my first time ordering online and since it was getting close to midnight I made my choices and rushed through the checkout to try to get the sale prices. When I went to...
  25. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Goody Two Shoes..... our baddest new release!!

    If you missed our new release thread you missed this absolute gem! In all honesty, we didn't want to share this piece just yet.... but its sooo darn HOT. So there's a couple frags available and then its back to growing out for the next six months or so. []