1. Afkomjorgen

    Wellso / Trachy receding

    Hey! Tried to find a post on this but couldn’t find anything — more LPS questions from me. These wellso/Trachy are right next to several that are super happy. Per earlier post about meat corals I have not been feeding these corals adequately, so I am starting to do that now. What would you...
  2. Reef Lounge Coral

    Beautiful rare colour morph wysiwyg Trachy / wellso / meat coral

    We have some beautiful LPS in stock right now! Dm us on IG if you're interested in any piece of looking for something special order! @reefloungecoral
  3. Reef Lounge Coral

    Ultra Trachyphyllia - $350 shipped

    Beautiful trashy, 5" full open. $350 shipped from Southern CA.
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely CRAZY LPS!!!

    Some of the nicest LPS pieces we have seen are hitting our site!! Definitely some show pieces. Check out the link below to see them or shoot us a message and we would be glad to help you out! See the TSA Vault HERE
  5. P

    Brown line on Trachy?

    Hi all. Tank is several months old and started adding some coral. Bought my first trachyphillia and am watching it closely. A brown line has appeared and not sure what it is. I don’t see any tissue damage and my hammer and other corals seem fine. The Trachy has eaten and excreted waste...
  6. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW LPS!!!

    We have some absolutely AMAZING pieces that hit our site. Make sure you head over and check them out. SEE THEM HERE
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely INSANE LPS Hitting Our Site Soon!!

    Hands down some of the HOTTEST LPS pieces are going to be hitting our site soon! Make sure you keep an eye out. You definitely don't want to miss these! See our website: HERE
  8. blksubykid

    California Live Goods FS: Large Sinularia and Trachyphyllia

    Hey reefers Down sizing to one tank and they are just too big now. Sinularia - $40 About 9” tall trachyphillia - SOLD Can open up to about 9” wide Prices are picked up in 92129 PM me with any questions thanks Artie
  9. bluemon

    What is my goofy Trachyphyllia doing?

    Nothing really wrong with my Open Brain Coral, but was wondering what it does when it morphs itself like this at times. I've had this Trachy for ~6 years, it has grown a lot since I got it, t least twice the size, and went from having 2 mouths to something like 8. The above pictures show its...
  10. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] End of School Sale - Up to 60% off Livestock - Ends June 14!

    School is out and deals are in at Corals Anonymous - we have restocks in clownfish, dwarf seahorses, rock flowers, and many more in store for you this sale. Click our banners above to head over and follow us on Instagram for daily updates and posts of new drops and WYSIWYGs. We offer free...
  11. WarChief

    Maryland Livestock Trade Trachy FT, Pasadena MD

  12. TopShelfAquatics

    We hear you guys like some LPS??

    Some amazing pieces we have at the farm right now!! These definitely will make some awesome show pieces! All are looking for a new home. Shoot us a PM with any questions.
  13. Kellie in CA

    California Live Goods Frozen Berry Scoly - Upland CA. SOLD

    I have a few pieces that are getting a bit big for my small tank. Frozen Berry Scoly. Approx 4”. Purple and red with yellow marks. $150, Now $120 Pickup in Upland, Ca. Near 10 fwy. Available nights and weekends.
  14. fasterznu

    Live Goods SOLD Ultra Trachy FS

    Ultra Trachy for sale, $200 with free shipping. Measures about 4-5 inches wide
  15. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] Halloween Spooktacular Sale! Up to 70% off select corals - Ends Nov 2!

    Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! If you haven't heard, check out our huge sale with new arrivals of carpet anemones, Aussie torches, and much more! New drops coming throughout the weekend and until November 2. Click our banner above to head over to the sale! Be sure to subscribe so you don't...
  16. N

    Minnesota Live Goods Ultra Neon Green Pinstripe Trachy - Shipping Available

    Ultra Trachy with some very detailed neon green pin stripe markings and bright coloration - $115 4 inch across I can ship nationwide ✈️ at afforable rates. Please DM me your zip code for a quick shipping quote
  17. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Large Rainbow Wellso/trachy

    This thing is growing too big for my tank, so putting it up for sale. It's at least 6x6" but probably a little bigger when fully expanded. Had it in my system for over a year and is in excellent health. Local pickup in Burbank 91502.
  18. OuteastREEFS

    Indo Wellsophyllia - Super bright!!!

    Ultra Indo Wellsophyllia 2 Click above to purchase
  19. Kuhn

    Can't Keep Ammonia Down!

    Hello again! Sorry for such a basic and dumb question.. I'm just at a complete loss. I swear I thought I've done everything right, yet I just don't know why my Ammonia won't drop to 0. Here are my parameters... I've been having issues keeping Alk and Magnesium lower as well. It must be the salt...
  20. WTJReef

    Trachyphillia Issues

    Hi All, I’m having big issues with my Trachy all of a sudden. I’ve had this coral for about 4 months now and up until about a month ago it has always been blown up and inflated and happy. I first noticed what I thought were eggs, fluorescent mucous like deposits. (Found out this was just the...
  21. Kuhn

    My Tachy looks like its deflating?

    Hello, all! I got this gorgeous Trachy on Thursday of last week and I'm just not sure if it's happy or not... It came in perfect and puffy, put it in my tank (acclimated it first of course) then the next day started getting smaller and less puffy... I know they can deflate at night, but tbh it...
  22. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Large trachy

    Local pickup Burbank 91502 or meet at RAP Anaheim, Sunday 8/14 with prepayment. Had this in my tank for over a year, but it's growing out of control. Expands to at least 6x6" and is happy + healthy. $230 OBO. Thanks.
  23. JennyH3

    Minnesota Live Goods ISO lobo Lobophyllia or Trachy Trachyphyllia under $300

    ISO one of these 2 colors - bright or ultra rainbow - maybe a neon looking one. under $400 would possibly go higher for the right one. please post photo and price. Shipping to Minneapolis $450 with ship or $50 additional ship with price of coral
  24. Cool Ethan

    Colorado Live Goods Giant Trachy and Lobos, Bowerbanki, Acan garden rock, 3head Hammer and more

    Prefer local pickup in Denver. Prices are OBO Pictures are with phone+lenses but no editing. 6" Trachy: $400 ~5" lobo with 6 heads: $300 Unsure if Lobo / Pachy / Trachy, ~3": $225 Bowerbanki: $75 3.5 Head Hammer: $75 Live rock (3-5lb) with colony of 40+ Whammin Watermelon zoas, 50+...
  25. Ricky J

    Trachy Trouble?

    Any basic feed back I can get about my trachy’s? They haven’t fully opened for likely a week. Basic parameters are as follows Po4- .03 No3- 2 Ca- 440 Alk- 7.0 Mag- 1320 pH- 8.0 Salinity is 1.026 My setup is just 6 months old. I dose aminos and coral vitalizer for KZ, just good o’ wc’s to...