treating ich

  1. fishtankantibiotics

    FDA warns Chewy kraft drug and fish antibiotics company

    Looks like as of the first of the year you will no longer be able to buy fish antibiotics without a prescription. They don’t want you to have free access to these meds for a reason. Perhaps a reason that will become apparent soon FDA warns Chewy kraft drug and fish antibiotics company...
  2. Matt Bravo

    EMERGENCY Ich in tank

    I recently had an ich outbreak in my tank, so far the six line wrasse and one of the clowns look the most I impacted. The spots have come out most on my six line and starting on my tang. I’m planning on setting up a 20g and putting dividers in the tank. I would have to do an in tank cycle so can...
  3. Kyuubi

    Ich in main display with eels :( what to do?

    So I have ich, well my tank does, here’s what’s in it: Juvenile orange shoulder tang (newest addition that was bought pre-quarantined on Black Friday) 3” Kleins butterfly 4” Pearl scale butterfly 4” Flagfin angel 3” three 1/2” blue green chromis Zebra eel about 18” Banana eel about 12”...