vortech mp60

  1. Jamie814

    Powerheads SOLD MP60 Vortech Mobius Quiet Drive Pump (MP60M-QD) complete with box.

    $625 free shipping. MP60 Vortech Mobius Quiet Drive Pump (MP60M-QD) everything included. ALSO INCLUDED IS A SPARE WET SIDE. (not pictured)
  2. T

    Georgia Drygoods Vortech MP60QD

    I have a mp60QD that’s a little too strong for my tank. It’s currently in use. Mobius ready. Asking 400 picked up or add 38 for shipping. Will get pictures this weekend when I get home.
  3. monkiboy

    fs: (md) ecotech mp60mQD mp60 mobius ready pump

    Selling one ecotech mp60mQD (Mobius ready) pump. Retail is $890 Selling for $600, shipped! Located in silver spring, md Used only for one month before taking down. Everything works flawlessly and quietly.
  4. Smooch30

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Marine Vortech Propeller Pump MP60 for Sale - $350.00

    Ecotech Marine Vortech Propeller Pump MP60 for sale in Tampa, FL. $350.00 + half of the shipping cost. Pic available upon request.
  5. RJT

    Maryland Washington, D.C. Drygoods MP60 non QD manufactured Feb 2012 $260

    I bought this a few months ago but only turned it on to make sure it works. It came with extra wetsides and anemone covers. Price is $250 plus shipping.
  6. S

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Ecotech Powerheads and Lights for sale

    I have the following for sale: Powerheads 1 MP 40’s - 375 shipped - 1 box opened but never used 5 MP 10’s - 300/250 shipped - 3 bnib, 2 lightly used 3 MP 60’s - 700 shipped - bnib Lights 4 XR30 Blue G5 - 650 shipped - bnib Please feel free to message me via dm if you have any questions.
  7. ajtomase

    Flow troubles

    Hello everyone, I've setup my new tank with CaribSea Special Grade sand (not a fine substrate). I have 2 Ecotech mp60s on either side of the tank, and 2 Ecotech mp40s on the back of either side of the tank. Is Reef Crest mode too harsh for those types of corals? Would Lagoon or Tidal Swell...
  8. Joe Batt

    Vortech pumps and Apex

    Is it possible to connect the Vortech pumps to Apex and still use the various modes that are inbuilt into the Vortech controllers? Ie Lagoon, Reef Crest etc.
  9. Joe Batt

    Vortech MP40 magnet strength

    I was looking at the MP40QD pumps x2 for my Aquabox 230.6. According to the Vortech calculator 2x MP60QD would be over powered. However I have been told by a friend that the MP40's magnets are not very strong and would struggle. The glass is 19mm thick. Anyone have suggestions or comments...