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    Blue Friday 2021 | Giveaways, Discounts, All-Day Educational Streams, New Products and More!

    Hello R2R, This Friday, November 5th, we will kick off our annual Blue Friday event! What does that mean for you? We're giving away aquariums, swag and more ALL DAY LONG with many ways to win! - Aquariums, gift cards and swag will be given away during each livestream via YouTube and...
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    RAFFLE FOR A CAUSE: Help Us Restore Florida's Reefs with Coral Restoration Foundation™ | WIN A FULLY LOADED WATERBOX SYSTEM!

    Hello R2R, This year for Blue Friday, we're raffling for a great cause! Join us in helping The Coral Restoration Foundation restore some of Florida's most delicate reefs and YOU could win one of these incredible aquarium systems, shipped straight to your home: Ready to learn more and...
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    The Announcement You've Been Waiting For... BLUE FRIDAY 2021 IS COMING!

    Hello R2R! Ready to experience our BIGGEST and BEST Blue Friday yet? We have a TON of surprises on deck for you this year. Tune in and be among the first to learn about what we have in store for this year's annual event, only on Waterbox Live! Learn more on WEDNESDAY, October 20th at 1:00...
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    The Do's and Don'ts of Clam Care | ORA® Aquacultured Clams Have Arrived!

    Hello R2R! Ornamental clams require special care to flourish longterm in your reef aquarium-- let's discuss the big DO'S and DON'TS of marine clam care. ORA® has sent us a GIANT clam pack, containing Derasa, Hippopus and First Grade Crocea clams! Join us as we unbox our beautiful...
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    SPECIAL DELIVERY! ORA® Aquacultured Coral Unboxing + Feeding | PLUS Waterbox Swag Bag Giveaway

    Hello, R2R, We have a VERY special delivery arriving to Waterbox Studios this week, straight from our friends at ORA-- and we can't wait to show you what's inside! Learn more about farm-raised coral as we unbox our newest additions and acclimate them into the PENINSULA 4820, our FULLY...
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    Life + Growth Cycles in Aquaculture: Adding NEW ORA® Fish to the PENINSULA 4820

    Hello, R2R! We invite you to come check out our newest mini series, featuring our friends at ORA. In this episode, we will be taking a look at how these fish are captive-bred and raised, from egg to your aquarium! Now that we have transferred the contents of the original ORA® Build into...
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    VIDEO GUIDE: How to Set Up a Waterbox Aquariums CUBE 20 Nano Reef

    Hello R2R, We have created a quick and concise video guide series on setting up our CUBE 20, from unboxing to adding fish and coral. Follow along step-by-step with us as Waterbox MVP Jess sets up our newest aquarium in the Waterbox Studio. This is a great walkthrough for anyone who is new...
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    LIVE Q+A: We're Tackling the BIGGEST Questions About the Setup and Care of HUGE Reef Aquariums!

    Hello, R2R! Since April, we have been weekly documenting our BIGGEST build yet-- the REEF LX 320.7! In this time, we have covered many topics: - Delivery + Uncrating - Set Up - Plumbing + Sumps - Equipment Planning - Electrical and Cable Management - Aquascaping ...and more! Join us for a...
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    Want to Win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard TODAY? Join the WATERBOX + LIVING REEF ORLANDO Live Stream!

    Good morning, R2R! We will be going LIVE today at 1 PM EST with the one and only Ann of @Living Reef Orlando as we add in our new LPS corals to the REEF LX 320.7 and discuss their care. Join us and engage in the comments for your chance to win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard today! CLICK...
  10. R


    Good morning everyone. I am reaching out to get opinions on the best nano protein skimmer. Got myself a 20 gallon water box aquarium. Going to have a heavy bio load. I am selling my house and currently have a 40 gallon breeder which I don’t want to give up my corals. So at my temporary stay I...
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    Blue Friday is back! Less than 2 days till we are live

    THE WATERBOX ONCE A YEAR EVENT. Waterbox hosts an all-day event designed to bring attention to the aquarium hobby. Learn educational content from vendors and industry influencers. Grab some fantastic giveaways and discounts only available for 24 hours. Livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube. Get...
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    New Waterbox Aquariums EVENT February 1st and 2nd 2020

    The Family Reunion is not your typical aquarium event. The reunion provides an atmosphere of learning, fun and community for hobbyists and industry professionals. We replaced the typical trade show booths with great sponsors and activities for the entire family. From coral restoration to dolphin...
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    Cube 20 Battle - YouTube Playlist

    If you guys missed the Battle, here is the official YouTube Playlist. Stay tuned and smash that subscribe button as we have a new series starting July 12th with a Giveaway you don't want to miss!
  14. MarineDepot

    Birthday Sale: 10% off Waterbox Aquariums Frag Series Tanks

    Birthday Sale: 10% off Waterbox Aquariums Frag Series Tanks Save up to $190 on select Waterbox tanks!
  15. MarineDepot

    The Most Exquisite Cubes on the Planet

    The Most Exquisite Cubes on the Planet Waterbox Aquariums CUBE Tanks — NOW IN STOCK! PLUS: Pre-order the new Vectra 2 pump from EcoTech Marine!
  16. Nfd552

    Cube Build Jon’s Waterbox 70.2 build

    Hey everyone this is my first build thread. That means I’m batting .500 on these since this is only my second tank. I’ve been in the hobby for almost 2 years now running a 75 gallon bowfront tank with a 30 gallon eshopps sump. Along with an X120 eshopps skimmer, 15W UV sterilizer, 2 hydor...
  17. AquaDaddy

    Upgrading to larger Tank - which one

    I'm sure this has been asked numerous times, but I did search and wasn't successful in my quest. We have a 93 cube and would like to upgrade to something where the fish have more room and we can house more corals. Run out of room in the cube pretty quick! So, we could easily go to 5' tank and...
  18. Matthew Dambra

    Waterbox 130.4 Platinum Reef Pre-build discussion

    Hello all, Super excited to be upgrading from my standard 90g old school reef ready tank to having recently pre-ordered the new Waterbox Aquarium 130.4 Platinum Reef which should be getting to me by the end of June. This is how my 90g looked prior to having my sump leak and while attempting to...