1. WWC

    HOT DEALS WWC's Famous Cyber Monday Live Sale is Here!

  2. zdubz86

    World wild corals (WWC) stinks!!!!

    So the GM admitted that even aquacultured fish are on the same system as wild fish, but yet claims the chain of custody is out of his out control...No, It’s actually in your control, especially when you put them on the same system as wild caught fish, and don’t medicate them properly...His...
  3. Arisbel

    RESOLVED I feel duped by WWC

    I purchased a $900 ultra euphyllia from them on Friday and I received a coral that didn’t look anything like the picture. I thought “oh maybe it was the lighting” and I waited til night for my blue lights to come on.. not only was I extremely disappointed, I was almost certain it I didn’t...
  4. M

    Build Thread Cadlights 50g build

  5. WWC

    BEAST of an update to go along with a new site!

    The new site is up and is looking better than ever if I do say so myself! Along with the it comes a BEAST of an update! WWC Hot Stuff in the house! It's been a long while since we've released one of these! This plus a WWC 500 Degree, Interetellar Shroom, and many others should have you...
  6. WWC

    eBay is coming at you Live and Direct!

    eBay auctions are up and ready for your bids! As always 99 cent starting bids and no reserves! Shipping is always combined with multiple purchases, so what are you waiting for! Click HERE or on any photo below to take you to our auctions. WWC Ghost of Valentines WWC Speckled PPE's WWC...
  7. WWC

    Say hello to our Little Friends!

    Pay your respects to this pack of Zoas! Limited quantities so get them before it's too late! Plus, 70 new frags added to the site! Click HERE to take you to the pack or click on the image below
  8. WWC

    Sweet and Juicy pack of Watermelon Chalices!

    Do you like your watermelons seedless? We sure do! This is the sweetest pack there is! Grab one off the site while they're ripe and ready! Click HERE or on the image to take you to the pack on our site.
  9. FlReefer88

    Build Thread My journey begins 45 g JBJ

    Just started up my new JBJ 45g rimless. I'm pretty excited with the tank itself. The tank is on its 3rd week with water in it, looks like the cycle is nearly complete. I'm thinking a few more days and the PAR should be where I want them. I just wanted to start a new thread and introduce myself...
  10. WWC

    24 Hour Live Sale Is Back....WWC Tax Time LIVE SALE!!

    WWC TAX TIME 2017 LIVE SALE RULES Re-Fun your Refund! Sale starts Saturday, February 25th at 11 A.M. est and goes on for 24 hours straight until 11 A.M. est the next day! We will post "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) corals in this thread with a title, picture, the sale price and a...
  11. $1000 Giveaway Challenge From World Wide Corals and R2R!

    $1000 Giveaway Challenge From World Wide Corals and R2R!

    Sponsored by We're excited to announce that World Wide Corals is sponsoring a fun contest where 2 winners will get a $500 coral box shipped to their door! WWC is one of the premier places for coral and fish and have one of the best saltwater reef stores in the world! WWC...
  12. C

    Large Build 265 gallon mixed reef build/dilemma's thread

    So I decided it should be about time to get a build thread going. The build was started, then postponed, then temporarily set up, and needs to be finished. After outgrowing the 90 gallon after a little over a year (I have a very bad problem with buying frags, I need rehab) we started looking...