1. #R_TST

    What is it?

    So my daughter found this in the QT tank today. Any idea what it is?
  2. M

    Is this a worm?

    Picked up this hitchhiker. When he first came into the tank two weeks ago he was blue and chunky. He moved quickly all around the tank looking for a home for several days then disappeared. I assumed my brittle star or cleanup crew ate him after missing a few days. Then I stumbled upon him...
  3. J

    Help ID something on fish and glass.

    Hi - I noticed these the other day but thought they were just little snail eggs or something maybe. Didn’t give it much thought but now I have way more on my glass (20+) and saw one moving around on my frog fish today so I got worried. This is the best pic I can get. They are much bigger than...