1. X

    WTB RMS mount for xr15 g5/g6

    Looking for 4 RMS mount that will fit xr15 G5’s. Please pm me with price. Thank you.
  2. A

    New Jersey WTB Looking for a red sea 250 G2

    HI, I am looking to buy a red sea 250 v2 or G2 if someone is looking to sell theirs. Preferably white but I am open to the black as well. Thanks!
  3. Turpstur

    USA WTB Nero 3

    Setting up a new tank, looking to purchase a new Nero 3 if anyone knows a vendor online who still has one in stock or has one lying around. Will pay $180 if new.
  4. M

    USA WTB AI Prime 16 HD

    I'm looking to buy 1 or 2 black prime 16HD lights in good working condition. I prefer the standard mount and not the flexi arm mount. If you send a PM please let me know in this post that your doing so Thanks
  5. A

    USA WTB WTB Controller Board Adaptive Reef, Marine Depot, custom

    WTB Controller Board Adaptive Reef, Marine Depot, custom. Let me know what you got
  6. Irregardless

    Connecticut WTB WTB SMALL Fish for 1 gallon tank

    1 gallon reef with no fish currently. Yes. 1 Gallon. Current live stock is 2 Sexy Shrimp 2 Harlequin Shrimp 1 Porcelain Crab 1 Pom Pom Crab Looking for a Micro pair of clowns or anything really. Does anyone have smol fish?
  7. shakacuz


    looking to buy an ai nero 3 wave pump and maxspect xf330 gyre with controller.
  8. shawnriv

    USA WTB Ecotech Vectra M2

    I am looking to buy a new or like new Vectra M2. Please respond to this forum or feel free to DM me. Thank you, Shawn
  9. M

    New York Live Goods WTB LPS (hammer torch frog acan etc). Best deal gets my money

    Looking for some lps to reboot my coral tank. Mostly want hammers, or frogs cause I know torches are pricier. Also open to nicely colored acans and other lps. Can do local pickup in NYC/LI or ship. Thanks!
  10. R

    New York WTB Pax Bellum N18

    hi guys.. im looking to buy a pax bellum macroalgae reactor.. if you have one.. please reach me out! thanks. att. rick
  11. M

    Florida WTB Looking for Eshopp Nano Skimmer

    If anyone is selling an Eshopp nano skimmer. I’m interested in buying for a reasonable price.
  12. S

    California WTB Want to buy an AI Director

    Hello, I'm in need of an aqua illumination director. Does anyone have one for sale?
  13. R

    Wisconsin WTB Sump near south eastern Wisconsin

    Looking for sumps for sale near southeastern Wisconsin. Small size sumps
  14. A

    South Carolina WTB 2 gyres for 80 gallon rimless

    Looking for 2 gyres for 80 gallon rimless frag tank
  15. C

    Washington WTB WTB Mocha Storm Clowns

    Looking to have some Mocha Storm clowns, preferably local in Washington State, I have a 40 gal cube with a handful of Anemones, kinda interested into making a Clown Harem
  16. waynel

    USA Anyone make replacement atk v2 magnetic mount

    Anyone print something to replace the atk v2 magnetic mount that holds the float valve and 2 optical sensors?
  17. Zaven D

    California WTB WTB Homewrecker + Insanity

    Hey everyone looking to buy a Homewrecker and insanity Frags. If someone has an interesting sps pack I am def open to seeing what’s available. I don’t mind having them shipped or can pick up in Los Angeles Thank You!
  18. Hollyg357

    Tennessee WTB Wtb elephant ear mushroom

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad WTB mushroom. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here. Wanting to buy a decent size elephant ear mushroom, color doesn't matter. Must be able...
  19. C

    South Carolina WTB Palythoa grandis

    Hey! I know theres a few types of palythoa grandis. Id like to buy a pack of a few different kinds! Preferably hobby price, because they arent slow like a jaw breaker or something similar. Thank ya!
  20. M

    WTB Yellow Branching Hammer

    Does anyone have a yellow branching hammer for sale like the one in the picture below or know of a store where I can find one? I'm not looking for golden hammers but yellow sometimes called highlighter yellow. I have tried highlighter yellow hammers from an online vendor but they were wall...
  21. reefjon

    California WTB Pink Tipped Majano Anemones

    Hey everyone! I started a pico tank that's going to be primarily zoas, photosynthetic sponges, and Majano anemones. The kind I'm looking for are bright green with pink tips. I've seen them called graceful or tulip anemones as well. I was able to get my hands on a cool green(included a picture)...
  22. B's Reef

    Texas WTB Looking for Neptune DOS and Kalk Stirrer

    If anyone has a DOS or Kalk stirrer they are willing to sell I’m looking to buy. I’m in north Texas, can meet locally if not local must be willing to ship.
  23. B

    USA WTB Wtb Red Sea 90 without mounts

    Please lmk what you have .
  24. Salt Daddy

    Florida USA WTB Mated Pair of Gold Striped Maroon Clowns

    Located in Gainesville, FL. WTB Mated Pair of Gold Striped Maroon Clowns. Please contact me if you have a pair for sale or know of a pair for sale near north/central FL.
  25. Paul Kachirsky

    Neptune Eb8 looking for 3D mount

    I am looking to see if anybody has ever designed a 3-D printed mount for the Neptune EB8energy bar. I know it has mounts but I want to do a 3-D printed mount so that it looks cleaner
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