1. N

    USA WTB Looking to buy XR15 G4

    Any XR15 G4’s out there? Preferably with a mounting arm, diffuser and möbius ready! Thanks!
  2. N

    International WTB Looking to buy (Hanna-Alk dkh, ULR Phosphate, Nitrate, Ca, Mg, Ph (any package deals?))

    Looking for some Hanna checkers for my little nano reef adventure which has required tedious testing, and these salifert chemistry experiments aren’t any fun when I am doing them basically after every feeding! Plus my chalice are loosing tissue and I thinks it’s due to swings in alkalinity and...
  3. johnf3

    International WTB Looking for cirripathes spiralis (Wire Spiral Black Coral)

    Hi everyone I am currently on the hunt for a wire spiral coral/gorgonian, cirripathes spiralis. Seems to be pretty difficult to find for sale in the US but thought I’d make a post here and see. I would be willing to work out importing one if necessary Thanks!
  4. F

    California WTB WTB: Redsea Reef LED 160

    Looking for a Redsea Reef LED 160. Thanks!
  5. S

    Looking for Fringeback Nudibranch or lynx

    So i finally figured out what pest i have in my tank and sadly its hydroids. so im looking for fringeback or lynx nudibranch to take care of this issue thank you!
  6. Gophish1982

    Ohio T5 Drygoods WTB: 39w (3foot) T5 Dimming ballast

    Should have grabbed the last one I needed from BRS when they put them on clearance a few weeks back. If you have an extra, I’m looking for just 1 to finish the fixture on my new frag tank. No
  7. tdog

    Tennessee WTB WTB: Yellow Torch with Blue Tips

    As the title states, I’m looking for a solid yellow tentacle torch coral with blue tips. Not looking for tentacles with color variation (yellow to brown, yellow to purple, gold to brown, etc). Blue tips, preferably neon blue tips. Could care less about names. Something like this: Again...
  8. tdog

    Tennessee WTB WTB Micro Brittle Starfish, Cerith snails and Trochus snails

    As the title says, looking for those inverts. I would prefer local pick up in middle TN. But shipping is okay too. Lmk what you’ve got!
  9. R

    Florida WTB Looking for Strombus Maculatus (Nano conches) for Nano Tank

    Hello everyone, I am looking into getting some Nano conches for my aquariums and I have not found any Strombus maculatus available anywhere. I have a 20 gallon waterbox that has been running for 3 years willing to buy from someone who has them.
  10. P

    Missouri WTB WTB: Neptun AFS

    Looking for Neptune Auto Feed System shipped to Missouri 63385.
  11. Isaac Alves

    California WTB Gyre XF330 Controller Extension Cable

    Looking to buy a Gyre XF330/XF350 Controller Extension Cable.
  12. Rugops

    Washington Live Goods WTB Palyzoas

    I got $75 to use and I would like to get a decent amount of palys. I cant keep zoas but can keep palys which is weird. Would have to be shipped to 98661 (Vancouver, WA) EDIT: Was thinking of zoas so I meshed paly and zoa together lol.
  13. A

    Texas WTB Any innovation marine tanks for sake in Houston or surrounding area don’t mind driving if it’s not to far

    Looking for a innovative marine tank under 40 gallons near or in Houston tx
  14. jser388

    Pennsylvania WTB WTB— RSR200 or Simular non aio

    Looking to buy a RSR200 maybe 170 / something else in range, non aio/need a sump and on the east coast! Lemme know what you got!
  15. C

    International WTB WTB Waterbox Peninsula mini 25 - Melbourne, Australia

    Hey everyone! Hope I can find a waterbox peninsula mini 25 at a decent price in Melbourne Australia!
  16. D

    USA Looking for various lights

    Hi, setting up a 80 gallon and im looking for various options of lights the I could use at a good price. Here is what I would be looking for… (1x) Kessil AP700 (2x) AI Prime 16HD (or older models) (2x) Kessil A360 (X or WE) (3x) Kessil A160WE (2x) Noopsyche K7 Pro (or older models) (2x)...
  17. Chrissymalti

    NY WTB

    Looking for higher end zoas. Preferably colonies. Message if have lots of zoas, payment ready.
  18. michaelcambria12

    New York WTB Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish [Small]

    I added a tiny regular Clownfish last week to my new 16 gallon biocube… thought I only wanted one but now I want another lol Looking for a small Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish to pair. Tried looking online but can only find bigger ones willing to pay for shipping if the price is right
  19. michaelcambria12

    New York WTB Looking For a Fighting Conch

    Hi all, Looking to add a fighting conch or two to the CUC in my 16 gallon biocube! Willing to pay for shipping if the price is and/or local meet up in the Westchester, NY /Southern CT area. Please let me know if anyone has any available Thanks in advance!
  20. R

    USA WTB WTB St Thomas Mushroom

    Looking for a red St. Thomas Mushroom like one pictured below. Preferably in NYC area but will pay shipping if outside
  21. Gaspipe

    USA WTB: Jebao OW-10 FRONT fish guard

    My TSB likes to enter the wavemaker when it's off as if it was a cave. Any recommendations for a cover to stop it from entering the mouth? Ideal would be a "round grate" plate that can snap on the front and attach via the slots on the side. Thanks in advance!
  22. C

    New Jersey WTB Zero Edge Aquarium

    Hello, I am looking to set up a Zero Edge tank, and wanted to see if anyone here is selling one or has a line on one for sale. I am pretty flexible on size - would prefer something from 20-50 gallons but open to something larger. I am located in New Jersey, but willing to travel (or ship) if...
  23. ChickReef

    USA WTB WTB tank mount kit for XR15 G5 RMS

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a tank mount kit for the XR15 G5 Thank you Selling Terms Of Service YES I have read the terms and agree to them
  24. Wonderboy97

    Florida WTB AquaticLife Hybrid fixture 36”

    Looking to buy a new or used aquatic life hybrid fixture in the 36” size. Will pay for shipping to south florida. Pm me!!
  25. bubbaque

    Florida WTB WTB Frankenstein Bounce or Flamethrower bounce

    Hello, I am looking to buy a frankenstein or Flamethrower Bounce mushroom. PM me if you have either available.