1. MrsWeathers

    International WTB In need of an ATO ASAP!

    I’m needing an auto top off system, preferably with a pump/the pump that came with it! Don’t need a mini or a nano, I have a 125 gallon DT. Please send me a message with what ya have and your asking price please! Ty!
  2. 92Miata

    Virginia WTB Sell me some LED lights because I'm an idiot

    So, while trying to get my wife's mandarin out of the return section of her IM Nuvo 40 (my fault) I managed to knock her AI Prime HD into the fishtank. I also managed to get my phone wet, and its not working either. Great. Anyways - she was talking about upgrading, so here we are. Looking...
  3. Aggro

    Washington WTB Ato container

    Looking to purchase an ato container between 2-5g possibly bigger depending on dimensions but need it to be no larger than a 8-10”wide x 15” deep x 15-16” tall. pm me with pic and pricing to ship to 98597, if price is good we’ll chat. Doesn’t need to be brand name just hold water and look...
  4. Khoi_La

    Indiana WTB [WTB] breeding pair of regular ocellaris clownfish

    hi guys, my pair of clownfish recently passed due to old age (a solid 6 years). And i want to look for another breeding pair of ocellaris clowns preferably female about 3 inches or bigger to replace the clowns i had. I could add 2 small clownfish in, but i have a very mean gold bar wrasse that i...
  5. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington WTB WTB ecotech VERSA doser

    Looking for a ecotech versa doser if anyone has an extra one to sell. Thanks
  6. tjclapp


    I want to buy a Godzilla Yuma... I live in Florida but will cover shipping please message me or respond in thread!
  7. TrillBill

    WTB high end shrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. Thanks in advance and happy reefing!
  8. Purpletang92

    Georgia FOUND Surf Algae Scrubber

    Looking for a surf scrubber if anyone has one
  9. TrillBill

    Wtb high end mushrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. I’m looking for more high end but am always looking for crazy colors. Thanks in advance and happy feefing!
  10. A

    Apex dosar and parameters measuring automation

    Hi, I own a 20g Red Sea Max nano tank for over 2 years now. I am looking for automating the measurement of Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium and automate the dosage as well. Can you please let me know what Apex instruments I would need to accomplish my tasks? Thank you.
  11. A

    WTB Apex DOS and DDR for my max nano tank

    Hi, I am looking for Apex DOS and DDR for automating my red sea max nano tank.
  12. MrsWeathers

    WTB Customized Screen Top!

    I am needing a screen top for my 125 gal split top salt tank! Anybody make them and would like to give me a quote? Would pay for shipping also!
  13. Reefer37

    Texas WTB WTB HOB Protein Skimmer 50-100g

    Looking for a mid size HOB protein skimmer rated between 50-100g. Really trying to find one that has not been used a lot and is pretty quiet and in good shape. Let me know what you have!
  14. MrsWeathers

    Missouri WTB WTB RODI filtration system!

    I’m Looking for a sufficient RODI water filtration system reasonably priced. At least 75gpd.
  15. Aaron Davis

    Washington WTB Mini Majano Wand

    Looking to buy the smaller mini Majano Wand. If you have one you’re wanting to sell, hit me up please.
  16. B

    New York WTB Teal Hammers

    Looking to buy teal hammers. Preferably a few heads. Thanks! 2016937500
  17. ReefAddiction34

    Florida WTB: Apex EB8

    Fellow reefers, Looking for an EB8 to expand my apex Jr. anyone willing to part with one for a reasonable price? Please PM me. Thanks for your help.
  18. jk_s124

    Wisconsin WTB Coral Box dosing pump

    Wanting to by coral box dosing pump.
  19. Brad Miller

    Pennsylvania WTB Jellyfish tank

    Looking for a used jellyfish tank at a reasonable price, anyone have one or know someone that does ?
  20. Dolphin424

    Ohio WTB High end Zoas and Acros and Small Birdsnest Colony!

    All in the title! Would like a package deal if possible. Thank you!
  21. shawnriv

    Rhode Island WTB: Elos 70

    Hello, I am looking for an Elos 70 tank. Please reply to this post or private message me. Thank you!
  22. sdcosta

    New Jersey WTB Reef Brite 48"

    Looking for 1-2 Reef Brite actinic blue strips at 48" located in south jersey
  23. YogiReef


    I am looking for a new reef tank but haven't been able to find one online that suits my needs and stays in my budget. I want a peninsula/end flow tank that is glass and rimless. It would be great if it already had AIO filtration like the IM Nuvo tanks do. Here are the requirements...
  24. Brian Goldstein

    California WTB- YELLOW Hammer Coral

    Hey Reefers! I've been looking to buy a yellow hammer for awhile now, but I haven't been able to find one. MileHighReefers featured them on his channel months back. Picture is below: Thanks all! -BG
  25. isaacalves

    California WTB a true Apex EB4

    Would like to pay $80 dollars shipped to 92688. PM me or text me at 714-906-5956 Regards, Isaac
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