For sale 12 Pack SPS

This item has been sold and is no longer available!

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12 Pack SPS - $550 shipped



Top Left to Right:
UC Dippin Dots, TGC Bill Murray, TSA Fruity Pebbles, CB Flaming Unicorn

Middle Left to Right:
JF Homewrecker, BC Shark Sh1t Millie, CRT Dragon King Millie, WWC After Party

Bottom Left to Right:
AA/Tyree Rainbow Mango, RRU Grimace, RR Orange Passion, CB Maleficent.

Pease read all details:
Will need two weeks heal time. Week of Dec 5th would be the earliest. Weather dependent as well. Standard DOA: within 2 hours of delivery pictures will be needed of frags in original shipping bags. Will only ship within 48 contiguous states.

Payment: I prefer Venmo’s new “Goods and services” option for payment. Like PayPal, with Goods and Services selected, buyer and seller are protected. I will accept PayPal but strongly prefer Venmo. Please check my seller profilefor references or I can provide them from known members here if needed.

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