160 gal peninsula and 30 gal



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Dec 1, 2020
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Jacksonville, FL area
After the catastrophic failure of my 60 cube, I ended up breaking down my 65 tall and 29 acrylic “panic tank” into my “new to me” 160gal peninsula and 30 gal rimless.
The 160 gal peninsula has the new Apex brain and power bar with two WAVs, a COR15 return, ATO, pH, salinity, ORP, and temp probes. It has two Kessil AP9X lights, a 40 gal sump with two drain lines routed through roll filters. The sump houses rock, sea lettuce and mangrove but no protein skimmer at this time.
The 30 gal has a 15gal cube sump, two wavemakers, DC return pump, protein skimmer, and UV sterilizer. The only real reason for this tank is that my aiptasia filefish has a taste for zoas (which I learned when trying to rescue coral from the cracked tank. This one has only a Kessil a160we above it for the leather and anemone. I have the old EB8 power bar for this one, connected to the other system for power control/timers from the app.

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