2 hydra 26 hd with diffuser and wall power brick mount


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Jul 1, 2018
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looking to sell these both

black one is missing one ram blade but doesn’t effect performance or sound
190 shipped and paypald with wall mount for power brick and 3d reefing diffuser

white one is about a year and a half old no issues , never used on high settings , wall mount for power brick and 3d reefing diffuser

230 shipped and paypald

if you want both i’d take 400 shipped and paypald for both

7B059705-66D1-42FC-BAE1-A8A8804814C3.jpeg 4CFEFDA3-FBAB-434D-98CB-F10A62A82A1E.jpeg 6C4979CA-9CD2-4844-960E-6B55DC49A6AD.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg
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