$60 frag packs for zoanthids + others Higher end

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    Well I have some zoos that I need to frag up because they are growing out quite a bit. I will be including 6 different kinds of polyps and frags will be at least 4 polyps. Let me know if interested.

    Radio active dragon eyes
    Speckled blues
    kriptonites look-a-like(I think these are better then Kriptonites)
    mint chocolate chip
    green skirts blueish centers
    orange skirts blueish centers
    reverse gorillia nipples
    Ewalds magestic mix

    out of these you can pick 6. I can ship buyer pays shipping, These can be added some are already on the list above.
    Purple deaths $15 per polyp 2 min.
    Reef Kingdom Blue shadows $15 2 polyp min.
    Eagle eyes(long skirts) $5 per polyp 5 polyp min,
    Mean Greens $2 per polyp 5 polyp min
    Coco pinks $5 per polyp 4 polyp min
    Mystery pinks(My name but super nice paly) $5 per polyp 5 min
    Kedds Reds $5 per polyp 5 polyp min.
    Kriptonites look alike with Green mouth $25 for 5+
    Kriptonites$25 for 5+
    Bulls eyes $10 for 3+
    Wammin watermelons $10 for 4+
    Safe crackers $5 per polyp 3 polyp min
    ATL pink dalmations $10 per polyp 2 polyp min
    Star dust PE $10 per polyp 2 min
    Tubbs blues $7 per polyp 5 polyp min,

    my zip code is 83442 so if you are interested let me know. here are a few pictures

    orange skirts
    green skirts
    chocolate chips
    Magestic mix, Kriptonites, radio actives
    Watermelons, speckled blues, reverse gorillia nipples

    I will add more tomarrow

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