60 Gallon Cube Emergent Build



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Feb 10, 2019
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South Carolina
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This tank was an involuntary downgrade after a seam leak on an older RedSea 525 XL. Went from beautiful tank with sump to 60 gallon cube with HOB (had to run to box pet store as this was an emergency). The tank has originally sand, live rock (minus some live rock cause frankly the tank would not fit it all LOL),livestock and a few additions. Had to buy new light, RedSea 50, previously had Reefbuilder Light but was too long for 60 g cube (have some old AI Vegas but can’t find the controller). I want to upgrade light to AI Hydra. Also running 2 Nero 3s. Currently using RedSea Test kits but want to upgrade to Hanna, think the digital reading would be better for my aging eyes LOL. The original tank was started 15 years ago as a 40 g then 75g then the RedSea and now 60 g cube (already talking to my husband about need for upgrade LOL). Upgrade to IM 400 W heater picked up today. Have a HOB OctoSkimmer ordered for pickup from LFS next week.

Temp 76.6
Salinity 1.027
PH 8.2
Nitrates 20
Alkalinity 8.2
Calcium 450
Magnesium 1400
Phosphates 0.08


Bristletooth Tang x1
Tomato Clownfish x2
Engineer Goby x1
Pair of Falco Hawkfish aka Fred and Wilma
Midas Blenny aka Rosco (lives in a barnacle that is attached to a magnet, his house is always higher than the other fish, he likes to peek out and supervise everyone)
Huge banded shrimp
Huge Turbo (he is old) and various smaller snails (nassarius, trochus, bumble bee, etc)
Large Aussie Neon Toadstool (about 18 inches in diameter before his hair cut)
Black Widow Anemone
LPS dominated tank
A few other corals

I know it is a heavy bioload but fortunately the system is matured and has handled it well, they had a bigger house before the leak, Will post some pics later this week.
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