60 Peninsula Gallon Stocking Guidance

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Apr 17, 2021
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Baton Rouge
I’d like some input on stocking my 60 gallon peninsula tank (36” x 20” x 22”) with approximately 15gal in the sump.

Some times I feel like the tank is heavily stocked, and other times it feels pretty empty. This is a somewhat atypical setup in that I have the aquascape in the middle of the tank with 2 - 36” runways on each side. So, my fish tend to follow me to whatever side of the tank I’m on always looking for food, they give the appearance of the tank being well stocked at times, but then when I’m observing from a distance they scatter to their own areas and the tank looks barren.

Here’s a shot from the front showing the 2 - 36” runways on each side of the scape

Below is an angle showing just one side of the tank

Current inhabitants:
2 - ocellaris clowns (tend to hover around the back glass wall, sometimes the male will float in the open)
1 - midas blenny (primarily perched on top of the rock work in the center of the tank)
1 - multicolor angelfish (lives below the midas blenny in a cave, but floats all over the tank)
1 - helfrichi firefish (hovers in one corner at the front of the tank)

I have been considering the following future additions:
1 - fairy wrasse
3 - green chromis (I’m thinking these guys would be great for the upper water column but afraid this may be too many fish for my tank)

My overarching stocking question is more about fish comfort and territory. I have an oversized skimmer, a algae scrubber and do weekly 10% water changes.
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