For sale A JawDropping Black Friday! RRC Jawdropper and Collectors Acro Packs!!!

$400.00 to $1,000.00

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm just back from University and I have some dope deals for the holiday season.

RRC Jawdropper $500 shipped each , these frags have been healed for over 2 months. Don't miss on this deal!





Larger RRC Jaw Droppers $1000 shipped



Collectors Pack #1 $450 Shipped

RTE 66 Merlin's Staff

CRT Gold Meister

RR Black Cherry

CRT Delight

CRT Joy Ride

Collector's Pack #2 $400 shipped

RR Black Cherry

CRT Gold Meister

CRT Limit Breaker

CRT Freak Show

Why don't you have a NANO REEF in addition to your larger reef tank?

  • Money

    Votes: 34 8.9%
  • Space

    Votes: 36 9.4%
  • Time

    Votes: 76 19.9%
  • Other Limitations

    Votes: 37 9.7%

    Votes: 199 52.1%
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