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Acro Frag Packs - large frags



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Jan 22, 2016
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Maineville, OH
All packs sold.

Acro Frag Packs

Below are 3 packs with some large Acro frags. They will be shipped FedEx Priority. Local pickup discount of $75.

Pack 1 is SOLD and includes 5 frags (L to R):
TSA Princess Peach
CB Maleficent
TSA Bill Murray
BC Bubble Bath Unicorn
TGC Cherry Bomb


Pack 2 is $450 $425 shipped and includes 7 frags (L to R):
TSA Bill Murray
Hawkins Echinata
ORA Pearlberry
RRC Pink Cadillac
UC Turquoise Tort
JF Flame
UC Blueberry Shortcake


Pack 3 SOLD
Pack 3 is Sold (L to R):
TSA Bill Murray
TSA Princess Peach
JF Solar Flare
TGC Cherry Bomb
CB Maleficent


The large plugs are around 1.3" diameter for size reference.

3-day stay live guarantee.

PM if interested.

Thanks for looking, Bob
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