For sale Acropora For Sale

I have various healthy Acropora frags for pickup in Reseda.
$10.00 to $65.00

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Pick Up Only
The frags will mostly be 1" and cut to order; however, currently, I have some pre-cut frags. To my knowledge, as of the date of this post, I have no acro pests and the corals are healthy as you can see.

Pro Coral Rainbow Acropora $25

ReefPets Ultraviolet $25

Tanzanite Terror $25

Oregon Tort $40

Blue Gomezi, and Unique Tort - $55 each (These look very similar first one I bought as a Gomezi, (nubby coralites), the second came from unique as their Tuquoise tort )

Shortcake -$25 (This one is pretty unique, it's a shortage but with super dark polyps.)

WWC Grizzly Adams Acropora - $20

RR Pink Caddilac Acropora - $15

Purple Sexy -25 (One of my all-time favorites)

Rainbow Table Acropora -45

Blue Lime Acropora $15

Forest Fire Digitata $10

Reef Raft Pink Floyd $45

Man in the Yellow Hat - $25

Cali Blues Acro - $25

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