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Feb 9, 2017
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Well I was welcomed and encouraged by the moderators to write an post to Introduce myself.... So here it is . my name is Brady. {Nohate} I have been in the hobby for quite some time and watched some very interesting changes, back when bread and butter corals were star polyp, waving hand xenia, frog spawn, and you could get big old fat Elegance for cheap AND THEY WERE ]ONE OF THE EASIEST CORAL OUT THERE!!!! That was before they started harvesting them from deep deep down... and most coralomorphs were considered weeds almost... by many... and there certainly were no bounce mushrooms fetching incredible money, this was before deep sandbeds... plenum systems, before bare bottom tanks, before LEDs, oh yeah, the thing to have was the wet dry trickle filter, haha yea there were so many filter companies popping up that it would make your head spin...... with lots of plastic hair curlers making their way into the sump HaHaha you could actually judge how cool a hobbyist was by what kind of Bio media he was using in his trickle filter [emoji102] .. the resulting accumulation of nitrate that occurred in the trickle filtered aquarium was a major downfall so efficient at removing ammonia and nitrite they fell short on fostering bacteria that consumed nitrate then the Berlin movement came around in the nineties people begin yanking their by media and suddenly the concept of a sump was born and that's when the protein skimmers came and the various chemical media in reactors and even macroalgae and a lighted section, , then the deep sand bed oh my goodness the deep sand bed was the cause of everything.... bad maintenance...... bad husbandry........ global warming.... all of it was blamed on the deep sand bed. You are actually look down upon if you had sand in your tank... sterility ruled the war on detritus was on. Powerful pumps were employed to keep it in suspension and aquariums that looked like lab experiments were the thing. It was advised to cook your rock by scrubbing it into nothingness washing it around in the water and banishing it to an unlighted container for weeks and weeks... until it emerged bleached and dead and allegedly nutrient free.... possibly because we had annihilated everything.. Maybe ? The hyper husbandry movement ugh... and you are advised to run your skimmer so hard that it yielded useless... watery clear skimming, yeah things were out of hand for a while there THE lights to have were metal halide if you were a serious reefer.... and enough of those made a chiller an absolute must[emoji1] [emoji12] crazy big protein skimmers, multi chambered calcium reactors were all the rage the more complex and expensive... the better.... and if you wanted the corals that we're off the hook you had to find the mean Chalice, it didn't matter how ugly it was.... people were proud as all get-out to drop big bucks on a little teeny weeny chip of the newest designer Chalice then came the Acans.... inflated prices, photo saturations, oh and the trendy names..., this could go on for days but the point being is that I've been around the block in The Reef world I'm located here and Hampton Virginia and I am lucky enough to have a brother who owns a local fish store called The Reef room anybody in this area may know him ... his name is Dale.... needless to say I get some really good prices on Coral but alas, my little condo is very small... so I gave up my 90 gallon for a 65 and then gave up my 65 for a little 28 Nano Cube which is only 2 months old, if that, and which I love.... and it is doing very well. To be honest, if I wasn't struggling for cash so much I would upgrade... but I'm a self-employed painter, and right now things are a little tight... so that's my deal... my name on the board is Nohate because, well, I try not to have any hate. I have already been chastised here on my first day for having a potty mouth, so I will definitely tone that down, but other than that, cheers, nice to be a part of this,. This is truly the best app on Android or anywhere else for that matter, when it comes to Reef forums, that I have found, and I have thoroughly enjoyed running around and looking at pictures of everybody's tanks and if you have read this long, then hey, kudos to you and thank you so much... hit me up if you have any questions or suggestions or advice or whatever peace


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