any advice for someone who wants to grow phyto and pods?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nutrition' started by Maggie321, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I am attempting to grow phyto to feed pods, which in turn, will feed the pods to the tank. I have jugs, Fritz Aquatics 2 part algae food, air lines, a light... all bubbling and we are 2 days in now. I used 2 different brands of phyto to start, one in each jug, just to see which one grows better. I have some pods in a tank that I am hoping I will be able to grow. Does anyone have advice or links for those of us that are beginners at this? I do not plan on doseing the tank with the phyto, just feeding the pods with it then straining the pods out.

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    Checkout the videography forum on R2R. I have posted videos, discussed a lot with people, and a worker for Reef Nutrition. They sell all sort of pods. I just use spirulina powder from the organic store. Then you don't have to deal phytoplankton.
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